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“I have had ME/CFS for 5 years and had heard of Adam, but for one reason or another never quite got round to seeing him.

I had a done a lot of work with other approaches and got to a certain level of recovery, buts still had alcohol and food sensitivities ( sugar/ chill/garlic), which meant that if I wasn’t careful I would have a crash.

Sat at a work Xmas party in 2018 with a glass of tap water a friend said her brother had also had food sensitivity following CFS and was now better after seeing Adam aka ‘the fibro guy’. I booked straight away and started in January 2019

I stared off as a wobbly jelly, with poor muscle function and co-ordination. 12 weeks later I am using muscles I did not know I have, flipped Jeffry the 120 kilo tyre and my food sensitivities are gone. ! This weekend was spent eating everything from sourdough bread, jalapenos to curly wurlies to prosecco with no crash.

Adam is fantastic and helps to retrain how people’s brains process the various inputs from the world to stop them creating pain and fatigue 😊Movement is just a catalyst!

I totally and utterly recommend Adam, in hindsight I wish I had seen him earlier in my recovery, but SO pleased I have seen home now and got a normal life back not having to tread on eggshells to avoid a crash :-)”


I’m gonna miss Kirsty, she’s a perfect example of what this is all for. To get back to enjoying life and all it’s experiences. If you can get through this Kirsty you can do anything 😊



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