Courtney’s Story

An MRI scan revealed an awkward fall in December 2016 triggered a brain condition called Chiari malformation in young Courtney: a condition in which brain tissue pushes into the spinal canal, causing acute pain and long-term neurological problems.

Courtney was left wheelchair-bound and living in the family’s dining room, unable to get upstairs after she was left with severe weakness following her brain surgery on October 5 2017.

Courtney was left with no feeling in her feet, body weakness and eventually, her condition became so bad that she was unable to bear her own weight, despite undergoing months of physiotherapy at a specialist clinic, she was still stuck living in the family dining room as she could walk.

Courtney worked with the Fibro Guy team for over 14 weeks, making some amazing progress and becoming one of our favourite client stories. She soon no longer needed her wheelchair, going on to learn to drive, competed in cheerleading competitions, and attend university.

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