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Online Fibromyalgia programme

Online Fibromyalgia programme: A woman smiling
Adam Foster

Our new Online Fibromyalgia Programme has finally opened up for people with fibromyalgia all around the world. Despite our initial doubts about whether an online programme could be as effective as an in-person programme, the pandemic forced us on to Zoom, to continue to help support and guide our current clients with Fibromyalgia.

One of the first clients of the new programme was Kit from America. Kit had been struggling with fibromyalgia for some time, relying on others for day-to-day activities and feeling like her symptoms were not being taken seriously by doctors. After discovering The Fibro Guy on social media, Kit was eager to start the online Fibromyalgia programme, and take the first step to really focusing on her health.

Despite initial scepticism from Kit’s doctor, within a week of her consultation with Fibro Guy Paul, she was ready to start the programme. And the results were impressive. Kit is now pain-free, off medication, and has even regained cognitive function. She’s able to play with her grandchildren, go for walks, and has signed up for hikes once social distancing rules are relaxed.

The Fibro Guy team is proud of Kit’s progress and grateful for the opportunity to help more people through the Online Fibromyalgia Programme. The new format has allowed them to reach and help people from all over the world. Working with Kit has been a pleasure, and they’re delighted to see her enjoying a new lifestyle.

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