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Catherine – Chronic pain/fatigue

“I contracted glandular fever in 2017 after very busy and stressful time in my life. Prior to this I was very active, happy and healthy I had just recently done my first marathon and was involved in lots of sports – which I absolutely adored and was very much a huge part of my life. I loved my life and could think of nothing nicer than a busy day out with family walking and being outdoors.

The next few years was a complete shock, my energy levels dropped , followed by brain fog, depression and anxiety, my body failed me and in all honestly it has been one of most difficult times in my life. I was unable to work and felt like a completely different person . Like so many other people like me I got diagnosed with the vague title of chronic fatigue.

I tried so many different strategies and I gained relief with a few different unconventional methods but I could not seem to shift the fatigue and build the strength to be active and enjoy my life fully. I am extremely lucky as I have wonderful family and friends who have supported me I am grateful for.

Everything changed in such a positive way when I met Adam and the team ,they should me how i would recover and told me I would within a short space of time ,which I completely trusted and believed.

One thing that I said I wanted to do when I started the program was walk my kids to school, which is a round trip of 2 miles and be well enough for me best friends wedding. At the time this seemed impossible! I now walk my kids to school every day and sometimes have a sneaky run or bike ride straight after. This is such an amazing thing to do. I am planning my next sporting challenge and we even bought a little puppy. It’s my best friend’s wedding next week and I am so excited that I can be fully present and enjoy every moment without worrying that I am too tired and will I be well enough to go. I am so happy I could pop!

Adam is my complete hero, someone who I will always keep in touch with and will be eternally grateful for. He is such a kind and funny man and knows exactly how far he can push you and has developed a programme over years of experience and knowledge – he truly is a legend. I only wish I knew about him sooner. I feel very passionate about his program and would recommend. Thank you Adam for changing my life in an amazing way”




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