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“Ok, I’m not too sure how to even begin thanking Adam and the team for the life-changing journey I have been on for the past 12 weeks. Long story short, in 2011 when I was just 25 and my son was only 1, I started to suffer from a load of strange symptoms which started with facial & head pain. I had been stressed at work, I was a new Mum, and in all honestly, I thought it would go away. However, when it didn’t, I booked in to see an ENT to rule out sinus problems. This is where it all started, the pain began to spread and got much more secure, so I ended up seeing a rheumatologist who said my symptoms were Fibromyalgia (like) but he wouldn’t diagnose me, and instead he put me on medication which didn’t work 😕

I continued to suffer from fatigue, headaches, brain fog, pins & needles, anxiety, ear ringing, IBS, the list goes on and on. The symptoms waxed & waned, and they were hard to explain.

I found anxiety to be one of the worst symptoms, along with the sensitivity to noise, as well as fatigue. I had always exercised as I thought it may have helped, so I started to run & do yoga, and I just accepted that this was me and this was just going to be my new life. That’s the thing when it’s invisible people don’t know & we all have our own shit going on, only a handful of people close to me knew I was suffering. A neurologist eventually diagnosed functional pain disorder & was sent away with the reassurance it wasn’t MS, but still with no treatment plan or advice.

I came across Adam and I knew there was something different about him. I watched his Facebook and the number of people with chronic pain he was helping was crazy. I eventually contacted him and went to a workshop in Edinburgh that he was doing, and started a program at home. I started to feel so much better, however, I fell off the wagon & never continued. Don’t ask! Big mistake! The symptoms never fully went away & I found myself starting an exercise program with a friend who owns a gym & loving it, but I’d crash and relapse again and again, and my symptoms would keep flaring up, making me feel lost & deflated once again.

I eventually got back in touch with Adam, and I’m so grateful, and after some pleading on my behalf, he agreed to work with me, but this time I committed to seeing him weekly in his Newcastle studio this time.

Has it been easy,  NO!!

Cold showers, daily movements & changing the way my brain processes information has been almost torturous at times. I have spent the last 12 weeks driving from Edinburgh to Newcastle twice a week to see Adam, and that drive takes it out of you! Some days I’ve literally done a round trip the same day, but I would do it 100 times over as I know it would get me pain & fatigue-free like I am now 🙌🏼

Adam and his team are a one-off. He pushed me further than I thought possible physically, mentally and god knows emotionally. I’ve cursed him a lot, but I’m proud to have made my recovery from chronic pain and made a friend for life in the process.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, or hypermobility issues like EDS, seriously you need to reach out to him and the team, they can help! “