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Alex- “I was born with a chronic stomach condition called gastroparesis, but as a child I never let my sickness stop me. Academically I was a high achiever, and I loved to spend my free time playing sports with my friends or hillwalking with my family. As I got older, I struggled more and more with aches and pains, sensitivity, and other symptoms that we later found out were fibromyalgia. 

It wasn’t easy but at first, I kept as active as I could. However, when I reached about 16 years old my health began to drastically decline as my fibromyalgia got worse and I was also diagnosed with ME. My grades began to decline, and I was too tired and sore to spend free time with my friends. This meant that I also began to lose many good friends. Until this point I at least had my two favourite hobbies – reading, and baking – but now I was even struggling to manage that. Despite clearly struggling to keep up, I went straight from high school to university, where I eventually had to drop out – I was crushed. Academia had always been my strength, and without that and with no social life I felt more isolated than ever. 

I was told that would be my life now, and I had to work around it. I was given crutches and then a wheelchair. That wasn’t the life I had imagined for myself, and so I continued to search for and try new things to improve my health. That’s when I came across The Fibro Guy. At the time, the clinic was too far away for me to attend, but I kept up to date with his work and as soon as they opened a clinic in Scotland I signed up. I wasn’t sure what to expect – nothing had ever worked before – but with their success rate I had to give it a go. My initial consultation with Jonny quickly dispelled any concerns that I had, and I felt ready to give it a go. Within a couple of weeks, I was getting out-and-about more with my fiancé and friends, and then once I also came off of my tablets, I noticed a big difference in my energy. 

The work Jonny gave me scared me at first, but quickly I found myself doing things such as powerlifting with ease. It really began to sink in about 2/3 through my time with Jonny where, at the end of an intense session, Jonny asked me to rate my pain, and I could honestly say it was only a 1! Now that I have finished, I am off all of my tablets, out of pain, and have never felt better!

 I am getting back into hillwalking, have just completed my first year at university, and love going on long walks with my fiancé and our two dogs. It is crazy to think that I can finally begin to have a life and plan my future, and I can’t thank Jonny and Adam enough for what they have done for me”

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