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“I started following Adam a couple years ago and honestly didn’t understand how he was helping so many people. But after 23 years of pain and fatigue, the right circumstances arrived and I booked a flight from Nashville, Tennessee USA to Newcastle. Call it a leap of faith, a leap without looking, either way it was a leap in the right direction. I have experienced more pain relief in the past five weeks than I ever thought possible! During my time here this has allowed me to explore the UK from Inverses to Suffolk, walking 3+ miles a day!! Something I would otherwise not have been able to do. From this point, I can only look forward to more improvement. Before meeting Adam I thought my future held continued painful days, the same cyclic bouts of extreme fatigue I’ve felt for the past two decades, and disappointment after disappointment of goals and dreams not realised. Not any more!! I have A LOT of making up to do for the past 23 years… I’ve gone from a shrunken world of limitations to an open world of options and opportunities. Adam, thank you!!! You’ve been warm, humorous, encouraging, and inspiring! I will miss my sessions!! I will miss our laughs! And I will miss feeling so welcomed into your studio that I’ll wonder on Friday why I’m not coming in, taking my shoes off 😉 and kicking fibro’s butt! Thank you ❤️