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Angela – EDS

Angela had suffered from subluxations due to hypermobility and EDS for many years, and one day stumbled across the website.

The very next week she was in the studio for a consultation. Angela has tried many treatments in the past without much success but was especially taken aback by our unique approach to working hypermobility syndromes after watching a few of our videos over on the Facebook page.

Angela had been using crutches for a few years as the pain, and constant subluxations had made her lose faith in her body able to take her from point A to point B.

After only three weeks, Angela no longer needed her crutches, her joints were stable, and she was free of chronic pain.

Angela was also the very first client of  Fibro Guy Jonny, and 12 weeks later she finished her programme with Jonny and took her life in the direction she had always wanted: horse riding!



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