Annmarie – Fibromyalgia

Annemarie’s history:
“In 2007, after going through a really stressful time in my life and whilst also suffering from a severe infection, I started to feel tired all of the time. I couldn’t get through the day without napping and eventually the tiredness slowly morphed into just pure exhaustion.

A little while later, whilst trying to battle through the fatigue, I started to develop pain. At first, the pain only occupied my wrist & forearm, which eventually got diagnosed as carpal tunnel/tennis elbow. Through the NHS I went on to have steroid injections to try & relieve the pain, however, I felt it only aggravated it and my arm quickly became very weak. Slowly the pain began to spread and slowly chipped away at my mobility”

Annemarie after her programme:
“When I went for my consultation with Adam it had taken me all of the day to get up and to ready. I remember how exhausted & how much pain I was in that day! Adam said to me during the consultation, that aiming to be working again by Christmas was an incredibly achievable goal.

I was REALLY dubious at that moment in time, I couldn’t see it, let alone believe it, but it was all I ever wanted was to get back to work and not wake up screaming in pain! Well, we did it and it didn’t take very long at all. I was fully recovered and working by October, 2 months earlier than Adam said. I love my job, I love the fact I can earn a wage, do things, and go places at the weekend, but most of all, I love the fact that I can walk and do anything I want to with not a bit of fatigue or pain in sight!

I’ve worked hard since I last saw Adam, I’ve been stressed tested at work and through a global pandemic, and every time I keep coming out on top. Life is great now, I can do everything that I missed: long walks, family time, and even driving. No more fibro fog or feeling like my head is stuffed with cotton wool.

These days I can’t even sit still and I still can’t believe the difference when I check my step count, as most days I couldn’t do 2 steps, never mind the 15.000 plus steps I do these days daily! I now wake up ready for the day ahead and not ready for bed like it was all those years! I have a totally different future now, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and I don’t have to plan ahead to factor in the pain like I had to for so long”

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