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Annmarie – Fibromyalgia

Annemarie :
“In 2007 after going through a really stressful time in my life, and whilst also suffering from a severe infection, I started to feel tired all of the time, I couldn’t get through the day without napping and eventually the tiredness slowly morphed into pure exhaustion.
A little while late, whilst trying to battle through the exhaustion,I started to devolve pain. At first, the pain on occupied my wrist & forearm which eventually got diagnosed as carpal tunnel/ tennis elbow. Through the NHS I went onto have steroid injections to try & relieve the pain, however, I felt it only aggravated it and my arm quickly became very weak. Slowly the pain began to press and I would ache all over. I did have leg pain from around the age of 11 and I couldn’t walk far and this coupled with my new pain slowly chipped away at my mobility.

I went to the GP time and time again, I was bounced from one doctor to another as I know one knew what was happening to me. I had always been active, but to then not be able to get out of bed most days, that scared me to no end. After being referred to a rheumatologist, I was finally given a diagnosis of fibromyalgia & Chronic fatigue syndrome. I was relieved, I finally had an answer and knew that I wasn’t losing my mind! But, this is when the cocktail of pills began, including diazepam, amitriptyline, gabapentin, codeine, tramadol, the list is endless….up to 20 pills a day I took.

I’ve missed out on so much with my son who at the time was 7yr, I just wasn’t the fun mam that he knew anymore, I was just in too much pain, too exhausted, and to drugged up. I’ve missed so much family time and night out with friends, I had to stop working, and I even stopped driving as the back pain got so bad it out me in a wheelchair to just to get out the house. I saw so many GP’ and consultants who said that this was just my life now and I that i had to learn to live with it and try and manage my pain.

After I was told that, I tried everything, I tried swimming and exercise, I tried reiki, acupuncture, physio & many pain clinics but nothing helped. After a while, I eventually hit rock bottom.

I first saw the Facebook posts of The Fibro Guy and his clients just over a year ago. I was skeptical, how could that many people recovery! I’n that time frame! After I’d seen all of the professionals….it took me a year from contacting Adam, to actually going down for a consultation.

In my consultation, I knew then I’d made the right move. Adam explained how and why, I had ended up like I did. No one had ever explained this to me before, like the way Adam did. He made sense! I Knew then and there that I would give this my all. Adam told me that his programme was something that he didn’t do to me, and that it want something I did, it was something “we”
Did, together, a journey if you like. I thought this is the man that was going to teach me to get myself better, but it was going to be through blood, sweat and tears… I had hope at last.

It’s been around 10 weeks now since I first walked into Adam’s studio, and he was right, it has definitely been a journey!

I’m now PAIN FREE, I take 0 medication now, I have energy, I walk where ever I like, for as long as I like, and I have a totally different future ahead of me now. With Adams help, I got my life back and have avoided the terrible pain filled future I had ahead of me. This was in no way an easy task, there was lots of information to take in, and lots to work through, but i worked consistently, I was committed, it gave it everything I had, and I earned my recovery just like Adam said I would….. Adam is my hero!”

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