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Aysun’s Story


“At the age of 23, I suffered a severe back injury that significantly impacted my life. I was unable to lift or carry anything, and I had to accept these limitations as my new normal. The pain was so intense that I often had to stay in bed for days.

Over time, I adapted to my restricted lifestyle, but the pain persisted. Five years later, I developed additional neck and shoulder pain, which further limited my mobility. After seeing a doctor, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck and shoulder impingement. That same year, I began experiencing foot pain, which persisted regardless of the footwear I chose.

My condition deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t stand or walk without experiencing excruciating pain. Doctors diagnosed me with bunions and advised that I only wear flat shoes. My mobility issues worsened; I struggled with stairs and opening doors, feeling as if I were a 90-year-old in constant agony, envying those a decade younger for their relative strength.

After years of enduring these limitations without forcing myself physically, I developed meniscus tears in both knees. My doctor was surprised by the severity of the injuries, given my lack of physical activity, and diagnosed me with hypermobility syndrome and fibromyalgia—conditions with no surgical or pharmaceutical cures.

Feeling helpless and frustrated, I reached out to others with similar conditions on social media and, by chance, discovered Adam. Despite my weakness, I was compelled to meet him, believing in his genuine approach. So, I flew from Turkey to the UK.

Adam listened to my concerns and adjusted my expectations towards achieving basic daily tasks rather than engaging in extreme sports. Within the first week, I noticed significant improvements; I could open heavy doors and move from the floor to standing—actions that had been impossible for years.

A few weeks later, Adam and his trainee, Jess, took me ice skating. Despite my initial fear, I participated and found it surprisingly manageable. This experience surpassed all my expectations; I’ve since been able to lift my body weight, run up steps, and resume cooking. I’ve learned that pain does not always signify damage, challenging many misconceptions held by medical professionals.

Regaining my independence has been transformative, and I attribute this change to Adam’s support, marked by his unique British humour and engaging interactions with Jess.

Finding Adam might have been fate or a miracle—I’m not sure which. I owe him a debt of gratitude for the life I now enjoy, which blends gratitude, friendship, and occasional frustration, but I am committed to never facing it alone.

Thank you, Adam, for everything.”

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