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Bev’s Story

“Cutting a long story short, after a long but great recovery from Guillain-Barré syndrome 15 years Ago, I ended up going down a downward spiral again to which I was referred to immunology with the suspicion of another auto immune disorder. I ended up with pain, fatigue and weakness amongst a lot of other things. I was quicky losing my confidence and fearing the worst. I stopped doing what I loved the most and that was weight training and kickboxing. Its my last session with Adam tomorrow and I want to say thanks for all the work he has done with me to change my way of thinking ,to give me the confidence back that I can carry on with the things that I love and the knowledge to know that I was not broken, just dialled up in sensitivity! I am now Kickbocking without the hip pain! able to help myself with pain i could go on forever but I don’t want to babble too much lol. keep up the good work you are doing Adam Foster you really can change lives”