Carl: EDS

When Carl first came into the studio, he was unable to even stretch out his upper body, not to mention him not being able to walk without pain.
He also took the bus to get to the studio and not being able to step up into the bus, without asking for the disability steps was a big issue.
Over the course of working with him, he made some insane jumps in his recovery. After just a few weeks of treatment, he stepped up on the bus, without asking for assistance. He was able to walk his dogs for as long as he wanted to, and his mood improved like crazy.
Working with Carl has been one of the many highlights of my week, as he brought so much joy and fun into the studio with him. I even got to meet his dogs, it was a messy session, but interacting with him and his puppies and seeing him bending over and having fun with them in a way he thought he never was able to be amazing.
Carl is now fully recovered, and the things he is able to do now, compared to when he first came in brings me nothing but joy. I’m so excited to see him succeed in university and create the life he wants to live.
Hedda @ the Newcastle studio