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Carla’s Story

“I feel like I have gotten my life back!
Before working with Adam, I was having problems with my shoulder subluxing, hypermobility and fibromyalgia. I was officially diagnosed with fibro and hypermobility a few years ago, although I really had problems from a very young age. I have been in pain a lot of my life, which culminated in my living a very limited existence. I was exposed to a variety of treatments once I was diagnosed: nerve blockers, cortisone injections, Gabapentin, antihistamines, steroids, and anti-reflux medication. These all seemed to have very short-term effects, or indeed at times felt like they made things worse. My body was in agony I was hyper sensitive. I suffered fatigue, IBS, and vertigo, and I was very worried about my future. I then started researching myself, as we all do, and through the course of this research I came across Adam and his work.

I didn’t go to Newcastle right away, as I didn’t feel fit enough to make the journey from Ireland. I started a few Fibroguy exercises I had seen online, and followed homeopathic remedies provided by a close friend (to whom I am forever grateful!) I gave up all other medication, and I eventually felt strong enough to get to Newcastle, where I started my treatment plan with Adam officially. It’s now eight weeks later, and I cannot believe how strong I feel. I have no pain, other than normal post-exercise pain 😊. I have an amazing amount of energy. I no longer feel I need to live by the spoon theory, which I had depended on so much before. I am comfortably able to exercise, to walk over 10,000 steps daily, and to do the things I want. I feel like I have got my life back!

The only pain I now feel is for those living the life I was living and not having access to follow this method of recovery, or those who dismiss alternative forms of treatment. I’ve even heard people say “well, you must not have had Fibro” when they hear a recovery story. My recovery does not mean I did not have fibro, though, nor does it mean I was not constantly in pain, fatigued, and limited in relation to my abilities. Rather, my story does mean that the treatment works, that the way chronic pain is managed is wrong, and that we need to change this.

Every day in Newcastle Adam is changing lives. People come from all over the world to work with him. It feels almost miraculous, because it is a treatment plan that works for conditions like fibro where treatments are so often ineffective. I have seen people walk that could not. Even more than that, this treatment plan has helped to re-instill my hope. I urge anyone with problems like mine to give Fibroguy a try. Adam, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your research, for your integrity, for not giving up on finding a cure for your pain, for daring to do things differently, and then for sharing your work with those who dare to hope. You are an inspiration”

Carla Moran, 54, Dublin, Ireland.