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Carly’s Story

I have just finished my 4th week with Adam. I’m 35, severely hypermobile (Beighton score 9/9) and was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3, ten years ago. Since then I have suffered widespread chronic joint and muscle pain, particularly in my legs, back and neck. I also suffer chronic, almost daily migraines.

I was told by a series of doctors and specialists that I would be in pain for the rest of my life and that walking especially would always cause me terrible trouble. I’ve been through the usual meds as well as physio, osteopathy and Pilates- all of which made me feel worse, ramming home the message that I was using my body ‘wrong’ and had a ‘weak core’ and that the ‘damage was already done’. This added to my physical tension, stiffness and pain. I forgot how to move naturally. For years I’ve been terrified to straighten my legs properly or relax my shoulders for fear of slouching or ‘hanging off my joints’. I was so conscious of being upright I came to Adam basically walking like I had a stick up my backside! I felt that my body was weak and vulnerable, unstable and ready to fall apart at any time so I was carrying a ton of tension trying to hold it all together…

Adam’s teachings have been a revelation to me. Working with him really is all about re-education and I have learned so much already. It’s been very empowering for me to feel that I have it within me to take back control of my condition rather than handing myself over to so-called ‘experts.’ The difference between them and Adam is that they simply want you to do as they say because they ‘know best’- whereas Adam talks to you ‘on the level’- he has been there himself so he knows the pain and the struggle. He tells you literally everything about the process, making it accessible, easy to understand and often hilarious as well!! The science behind his teachings is totally fascinating and 100% watertight. He is the first person I have approached for help who has been able to offer me something genuinely believable- and to explain in detail the workings behind it.

I have literally never met anyone as passionate and enthusiastic about what they do as Adam and his energy and enthusiasm are totally infectious! That’s not to say I haven’t hated him at times!! There have been moments in that gym where it has sounded like someone was actually giving birth (sorry about the swearing!) but it has been so worth it, and always ended up in lots of laughter. He has pushed me harder than I would ever have dared push myself, and helped me prove to myself that my body is strong and capable- not about to fall apart at any minute!!

After the first couple of weeks, I was able to give myself permission to slouch… to relax… to take the stick out of my backside and walk loosely and freely. Even that tiny change has had a big impact on how the whole of my body feels, getting rid of all that learned tension and fear. Adam has had me leaping about playing badminton, not worrying for a second that I was going to go over on my wobbly ankles or twist my knee.

After my third week I went on holiday for a fortnight and had the confidence to get rid of my special shoes and orthotics completely- I walked for miles every day in a pair of flip-flops and did not have so much as a single second of back, hip or knee pain of any kind- something I haven’t experienced for years! I spent 17 hours on an aeroplane, cramped into a tiny seat, and hopped out at the end like nowt was the bother (meanwhile my non-hypermobile husband was groaning with pain and stiffness!)

At the end of week 3 I also had five solid days without the severe daily headache which has made my life hell for years. That is a HUGE step in the right direction. It’s an ongoing process with the migraines, ups and downs, but I feel I’m gradually taking back control and when I have felt crap with it, Adam has been a great listener and helped me regain my focus and positivity again- ‘Adam’s Talking Therapies’ 🙂

I can’t recommend this program highly enough- if you come to it with an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to stick in and keep up with the training, I believe that it absolutely will give you the tools you need to start taking back your life. THANK YOU ADAM – looking forward to the next bit…!!