Cheryl – Fibromyalgia


“It’s almost a year since I last since I finished my programme at The Fibro Guy and I am still enjoying the results of the programme. I am still pain-free, energised and fully awake now during the day! I have recently taken up cycling, and without my hips clicking and popping in and out, it quickly became my favourite form of exercise. I can walk for miles and I can even enjoy a dance now without being in bed for 3 days afterwards.

The best part of my recovery is that  I have been awake, energised and able, to focus enough to complete a PGCE Teaching Degree and gained a distinction too! Before seeing Adam I found focussing difficult, as I felt constantly exhausted and I also suffered from painful hands and wrists which made writing and typing painful. Seeing Adam and taking part in his tailor-made programme really has given me a new lease on life.

I am forever grateful”


A woman with a Scotland hat on smiling