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Cheryl – Fibromyalgia

Cheryl :

“Well in these last few weeks I no longer wake up feeling as tired as I did going to bed…my job is a lot easier…the kids don’t laugh at me when I try to get up from the floor!! I can’t remember when I last had pain so bad it made me cry and go to bed!!!! My hips no longer click…I can walk up and down stairs like a normal person and not a twisted mess…I can cycle in comfort (well as comfortable as you can on a bike) I ride my vespa, I can type with out having painful wrists…my writing is actually neat again, and best of all I had a bliddy good dance when I went out on Friday night…and I mean a really good dance. I have enjoyed every moment of it, despite the pain, it’s been a laugh a minute and I am forever thankful. I feel like a new woman”



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