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Lisa’s Story

Hi there, I’m Lisa! After an accident at work, I found myself in a really tough spot, reliant on a wheelchair and grappling with a lot of discomfort. That’s when Adam came into the picture, and let me tell you, things started to shift. With Adam’s guidance, I began exploring different exercises. It was challenging at first, but incredibly rewarding. Slowly, I started to regain my mobility, and I couldn’t believe it when I started walking and even running a bit!

My progress was so remarkable that it caught the attention of the news! Being featured was a surreal experience and made me realize how far I had come. Thanks to Adam’s support, I rediscovered the joy in simple things – like taking my adorable puppy Alfie for walks, something I’d missed dearly. And now, I’m not just walking; I’m back to enjoying activities I thought I’d have to give up. My journey has been incredible – from being housebound to regaining my independence and strength.

Adam’s approach, focusing on movement and understanding my body’s capabilities, has truly transformed my life. I’m doing exercises I never imagined possible, like weight lifting and boxing, and I feel stronger every day. It’s not just about physical strength; this journey has been a huge boost to my mental well-being too. I’ve gained so much confidence and positivity.

Looking back, I remember how I used to love going out with friends and being active. It’s amazing to think that I’m getting back to that lifestyle. My story is a testament to never giving up hope, and I’m so grateful for the role Adam and his program have played in getting me back on my feet – quite literally!”