Lisa – Fibromyalgia

After a freak accident in 2014, involving a blow to the head, Lisa slowly began to find pain spreading from her head and neck was starting to spread to the rest of her body.

As her neck started to become more and more painful, Lisa found that she could no longer move it properly, eventually leading to her stopping driving.

As the pain spread and the headaches started, Lisa soon found she was losing her mobility due to the pain. She eventually moved onto crutches, but as the pain and muscle weakness got worse, she made the decision to use a wheelchair.

Lisa sorted out our services because she wanted to go back to work and wanted her mobility back. Whilst on the programme Lisa got out of pain, regained her mobility, and did indeed return back to work.

After her programme, Lisa wanted to retrain in something she felt passionate about and take her life in a different direction. She went on to retrain as a special needs teaching assistant and soon began driving again, something she feared she would never be able to do.

Lisa’s incredible story soon gained media attention and is truly inspirational to read. You can read Lisa’s Newspaper article here.