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Lisa – Fibromyalgia

After a freak accident in 2014 involving a blow to the head from a falling can of hairspray from a height, Lisa slowly began to suffer from chronic pain. Her neck started to restrict as she lost most of the movement in her neck.

Gradually the pain started to spread and Lisa was struck with unrelenting headaches as her neck became stiffer and stiffer. The pain soon spread into Lisa’s back and legs, and it wasn’t soon later that he made the transition to using a wheelchair as she just could not walk due to pain and weakness in her legs.

Over a 12 week programme, Lisa went from strength to strength, she was out of the wheelchair and out of pain in only12 weeks. After getting her left back Lisa wanted to retrain in something she felt passionate about and take her life in a different direction. Lisa went on to retrain as a special needs teaching assistant and soon began driving again, something she feared she would never be able to do.

Lisa’s incredible story soon gained media attention and is truly inspirational to read. You can read Lisa’s Newspaper article here.


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