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Dianne’s Story

After struggling on crutches/wheelchairs and mobility scooters for almost 5 years (scooters were fun, I have no spatial awareness and many toes were run over) on 23rd May 2016, I finally got a diagnosis of joint hypermobility syndrome with a side order of fibromyalgia.
nothing can be done said the NHS, keep taking the (many) tablets and here are some new rubber bits for your crutches….oh and by the way it’s very likely you’ll end up in a wheelchair permanently.
nice! No!

Determined that this wasn’t going to be my life, I set about research like I was doing a dissertation on JHS and fibro. That’s when I found Adam.

I hopped on a train from Aviemore to Newcastle and spent a day with Adam on the 28th August 2016.

Six weeks (SIX!!!) later I walked my children to school…. holding both their hands….no crutches for me.
One of the big ‘losses’ for me whilst I was ill, was that I was unable to hold the kids hands.
I’d also ditched the multiple painkillers and antiinflammatory pills, along with the pills to combat the side affects of these ‘medicines’

Almost three years now since Adam helped me get my life back and gave my children their Mum back. (although they are too cool to hold my hand now 😂)

One of my major ambitions since getting off the crutches is to visit all the places I always wanted to go, but couldn’t manage due to crutches/scooter/pain levels… far I’ve ticked off Prague, Barcelona, Frankfurt and Venice……Off to Paris next month 😁 and none of this would have been possible without Adam”