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Emma’s Story

“Back in March 2015, I started with an awful pain in my shoulder/arm which would get worse over the years to the point so many simple tasks were unbearable due to the pain. As the years moved on, I had many appointments with specialists being passed around, told I was a mystery. I was finally put into pain management which is when I realised I wasn’t getting anywhere after being told I was hypermobile and given a leaflet on Fibromyalgia. I found myself leaving appointments disheartened, in tears and being told to pace myself and accept that pain would be part of my life now. I didn’t give up I had two young girls and felt I was missing so much, thankfully I came across Adam’s page. I followed this for a while seeing the amazing results he was getting. Thankfully in September I was able to get a consultation and with support from my mum start my programme and wow I’m so glad I did! I’ve gone from struggling to walk when getting out of bed to getting up pain free. I found stretching,washing up the simplest tasks would cause agony even cuddles from my daughters to being able to flip huge tyres, lifting weights and most importantly having fun with my kids. I have left each session feeling stronger in myself uplifted and half the time slightly amazed at what I have achieved with Adams help and support. It’s tough, it’s a big change in routine but it’s so worth it. I’ve had many highs and lows along the way following the programme but I’ve kept to it throughout and done exactly as asked to get to this point. Even when simple tasks at the start had me close to tears in pure frustration, Adam would always be reassuring and supportive. Adam knows how to get results and works with you on a personal level; listening and modifying where needed to suit you. He has pushed me further than I ever thought I could manage. I’m sad to be leaving but the hard work doesn’t stop here and I know I have the ongoing support from Adam. His passion, knowledge and attitude to the whole process really does make it such a great experience I can’t thank Adam enough for the difference in me. 🙂