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“I have had back and neck pain for about 5-6 years and more recently pain in my legs which was gradually getting worse and unfortunately caused me to give up exercising altogether. I have spent a fortune on chiropractors, physiotherapists etc. over the years, which have made no real difference and left me feeling hopeless. I always knew I was “double jointed”, “flexible” or whatever other names there are for it, but I never connected the dots or knew that hypermobility could cause such pain. Before seeing Adam, I had constant pain in my neck, back and legs,was always exhausted and I was afraid to move for making the pain worse. Some days I could be in tears with it. I had just accepted this as my new normal, but the. I found Adam and decided to book a workshop. A few weeks later I travelled from Scotland to Adam’s studio in Newcastle.

A few months down the line and my perception of pain has totally changed and I am no longer afraid of moving in ways I was before. Doing Adam’s programme everyday have made such a difference, particularly to the joints around my knees which are much more stable, my knee hasn’t sublaxed since, and I have even been able to start running and weight lifting again. My scoliosis is now almost unnoticeable and the daily cold showers have made a huge difference to my energy levels, and the only pain left really is just behind my knees, which I’m working on. I have made sooo much progress thanks to Adam, and I can’t wait to see what another few months will do!”