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Gill – Fibromyalgia

“In 2011 I was going back and forwards to my gp saying that my internal battery charger wasn’t working, I was exhausted all the time and was in pain with the slightest activity. The GP and physio diagnosed everything from bursitis to M E . Walking was becoming increasingly difficult and my work shifts were limited to desk duties. Holiday plans were changed and the thought of a night away in a strange bed made me shudder. Then in summer 2018 my daughter heard about The Fibro Guy, I emailed him and the rest as they say is history.
From the outset Adam impressed me with his no nonsense approach and how he has turned me into an exercise loving 56 year old is nothing short of miraculous. I can honestly say I have looked forward to every session and when I finished this week my heart sank a little. My energy levels are much greater and I can walk around the metro centre shopping for hours ! Not so sure the hubby is chuffed about that 😂
Adam you have given me my life back and for that, I shall be eternally grateful”


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