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Ilisha’s Story

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Hi, I’m Ilisha. Back in 2019, I faced a challenging time when I broke my toe. What seemed like a simple injury turned into an ongoing issue as the pain worsened and didn’t subside. This led to a reduction in my physical activities and, eventually, the use of mobility aids.

The journey to a diagnosis was long and unclear. As time went on, I experienced increasing fatigue, headaches, and overall feelings of unwellness, which significantly impacted my daily life. This situation led to a pause in my university studies and a return to my family home for support.

During this difficult period, I explored various avenues for help but found little that seemed to fit my needs. In my search for information, I came across the Fibro Guy’s website. I was curious, as I hadn’t come across this resource in my previous research. After contacting them, I was relieved to find they were familiar with my condition, which was a comfort given its relative obscurity among many medical professionals I had encountered. While they told me they couldn’t cure my condition, they would work with me to improve my well-being.

Starting with Jonny was a significant step for me. Initially, it was quite challenging, especially as my physical activity had been limited for a long time. The process involved not just physical activity but also working on my mindset, particularly in overcoming fears and changing my perception of my condition.

Progressively, I started to notice improvements. The journey wasn’t linear, but the consistent support and encouragement I received were crucial. Looking back, I can see how far I’ve come – from a point where even a simple walk seemed impossible to now being able to participate in activities like self-defense classes and running, which I hadn’t imagined being possible again.

Reflecting on this journey has made me appreciate the small, yet significant, improvements in my life. It’s taught me the value of a supportive environment and the importance of a positive outlook. My advice to my past self would be to seek support sooner and maintain a hopeful attitude.