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Jane’s Story


“When I found out about Adam and The Fibro Guy I had been struggling with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome for 23 years.

It had started with my kneecaps dislocating and giving me constant pain, then the problems spread to my back, shoulders, wrists, hands, neck, ankles and basically my whole body. I then started to develop POTS symptoms and was fainting most days.  My quality of life was nil, I wasn’t sleeping, I had to give up my career in IT and every day was an uphill battle to get through.

Over the years I tried absolutely everything I could find to try and get well again. I had knee surgery, tried umpteen different physios, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, CBT, the Stanmore pain management programme and loads of alternative therapies. My house became full of supports, cushions and physio equipment. I even moved abroad for 3 months and had intensive treatment at a specialist centre in Malta, which did succeed in getting me out of a wheelchair and able to walk 20 metres or so unaided. It was then a long hard process of building up and over the next 20 years, I spent 4 hours a day doing physio exercise and very, very slowly regaining some quality of life.

During the lockdown though my EDS really took a turn for the worse, and my much relied on neuro-physio, who was putting back joints for me every week, was no longer able to open. By then I could only stand for about 2 minutes, I couldn’t sit on most chairs, I had loads of neck, back and shoulder pain, migraines, head of the fibula popped out on a daily basis, I couldn’t bend down or lift anything and my ability to drive was limited to 40 minutes because I had so much SI joint pain. It was then that someone on an EDS facebook group recommended Adam to me. I looked at his website and couldn’t believe the recovery stories I saw there. Although initially, I was sceptical that it was just another “too good to be true” treatment, I knew I had to contact Adam and see if he could help me. And so I ended up in the Fibro Guy’s Melksham studio, doing Adam’s programme.

While the first few weeks were hard, both physically and mentally, the benefits became apparent really early on – in fact, 2 weeks into the programme I could already bend down, lift things and drive for 2 hours without back pain! By 12 weeks on, I have no dislocations or subluxations, I can drive unlimited distances, I can lift more than my own body weight, I can jog, I can stand for unlimited time, I can sit on any chair and I have very little pain – in fact, life is pretty much back to normal. And there’s no more than 4 hours a day of physio needed to maintain it either, just a very small amount of home exercises.

I can’t thank Adam enough for what he has done to transform my life and just wish I had met him 23 years ago. Although, as he rightly pointed out, 23 years ago he would have been playing with his lego as he would only have been 9 years old!!

If you’re debating about doing Adam’s programme, just do it – it will be the best thing you ever did”