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Jane’s Story

“1997 – The year I started my relationship with health difficulties. 2019 – The year it stopped”

“I came across “The Fibro Guy” in December 2018 whilst desperately searching the internet for some sort of hope to change things for the better.

I was diagnosed with a condition at the age of 7 after complaining of really bad back pain to my parents. What followed was years of endless visits to physios, chiropractors, medication and countless other treatments in the search for a pain-free life but nothing worked. My periods of being bed-bound were ever-increasing and I was losing interest in pretty much everything: pain was taking over my life.

Despite trying various approaches, I still felt I needed something different. That’s when I found Adam, which offered a new perspective.

I’d been looking at Adam’s page for a couple of weeks before I messaged him. I was amazed at the videos he was posting of client’s stories and felt I had finally found someone who knew what they were doing!

Although I wasn’t sure how someone could take me from being so hyperaware of my body and sensations, I was so ready to try and thank god I did!

Adam isn’t a magician, he’s just really REALLY good at what he does! I’ll leave the scientific stuff to Adam (it’s over my head!) but all you need to know is that by working with him, you’ll be investing in yourself – I don’t really need to say much more, do I?!

If you work with Adam (and you should!) be prepared to work really hard, laugh a hell of a lot and discover muscles you didn’t know you had and make a new friend called Geoffrey 

Thanks Adam!!“


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