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Jess’s Story

We love the fact that we literally get to work with people all around the world, and the only thing that beats that is when we get to meet them in person!

Hypermobile Jess, from California, had been working with our practitioner Adam online, really taking our mapping frameworks on board, learning to apply them and making some really good progress with her hip instability and pain online.

Just before the holidays, she took the huge step of flying all the way from her home in sunny Cali to Somerset, just to get some in-person sessions with Adam.

Together, working on her hypermobility, they managed to stabilise her hips and get her back to running without pain, something she thought she would never do again.

From everyone here at The Fibro Guy, we are so proud of your progress Jess, and indeed how quickly you have managed to learn and implement the tools and framework we teach.

Keep mapping and coding, keep your bubbles in check, and congratulations on getting back to work, your studies, and working towards your goals. We look forward to meeting Dr Jess one day and seeing where life takes you!

In the meantime, you know where we are if you need us.

Thanks for bringing the Californian sunshine 🙂

— The Fibro Guy Team —