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Jess’s Story

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Hi everyone, I’m Jess from California. My journey with hip discomfort spanned over two years, during which I had three hip surgeries, but the discomfort lingered. I tried various approaches like cortisone shots, acupuncture, and exercise routines, yet the relief I hoped for seemed elusive. It was a challenging period, especially when the discomfort began affecting my daily activities.


Then, while searching for options, I found Adam. Reading about others’ experiences with him sparked my interest. After being diagnosed with EDS at Tulane Medical Center, I decided to work with Adam. I traveled to Wells to meet him, and we started our sessions together.


Remarkably, after our initial sessions, where we began to focus on strengthening exercises for my hip, I began noticing improvements in my mobility. It was such a relief to finally feel a change. We continued our sessions, both in person and via Zoom. Over time, I found myself able to enjoy activities that were previously difficult. Running, which had been a part of my life before the hip discomfort started, became possible again.


I’m really thankful for the support I received from Adam. It’s been quite a journey, but I’m now able to do things I love without being constantly reminded of the discomfort that used to hold me back. My family has noticed the positive changes too, and we’re all grateful for this new chapter.