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Jess’s Story

Jess- “As a young child I was diagnosed with various things wrong with my knees and problems from hypermobility. At age 11 a specialist told me I would have chronic back pain for the rest of my life. In my late 20s fatigue took a grip and I ended up spending at least 4 days a week in bed, rarely left the house and almost never saw friends. The pain in just about every part of my body was excruciating. When my husband went to work he would leave me meals and flasks because more often than not I couldn’t get up and down the stairs. I saw every specialist and tried every treatment but only got worse. One night searching for mobility aids I stumbled across Adam’s website instead. 8 weeks later, No pain and no fatigue! Working with Adam has changed my life completely. I’m now working, socialising, walking the dog every day, and no longer the crazy lady that lives in her pyjamas. Finding Adam has been the greatest thing that could of happened. He is truly amazing”

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