Jill’s Story

“When I think of Adam, I think “life saver”. Might sound corny but it’s true. I’ve suffered with Fibromyalgia for 6 yrs now. Diagnosed this year and told “I have to live with it”. I found Adam through a former client of his and gone from not knowing what day it is, chronic fatigue, constant migraines, severe pain …. I could go on. And now today feeling like my normal self again!! All of my symptoms which I was told I had to live with have GONE. Thank you so so much Adam. You’ve given me my life back ❤️

Everyone starts this journey for a different reason. Some do it so they can be strong for their kids, some because they want to feel their old selves and some start because they can’t bear another moment in pain. Regardless of the reason, my guys and girls are not cut from from a different cloth, they don’t have something inside them that lets them smash results like this effortlessly.. they are just consistently self disciplined, they think critically and they question everything. They all arrive with the same mentality “what I have been told about pain and pacing doesn’t work”. Education is a big part of the programme and when you learn, you change.