Julie – Fibromyalgia



Just after my 40th birthday I was bowled over by my horse and tossed in the air about 10ft . After a week or so I had excruciating pain in my lower back which then spread gradually all over my body . After numerous trips to see my GP I finally had an MRI scan because I was convinced I’d damaged my back . Guess what ? The MRI came back clear ! Eventually, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Over the next few years I was put on numerous medications and tried just about every treatment going to help myself but to no avail . Nothing really helped and I had gone from being a really fit active person to someone who struggled through the day and had to keep resting . I was always scanning the internet for recovery stories when one day I came across Adams site “ The Fibro Guy “ . I went for my initial consultation and came back home full of hope and determination ! Every week my husband and I traveled from Suffolk to Newcastle I had back to back sessions in the gym and stayed overnight in a nearby hotel . Hedda who had recently taken over the Newcastle studio took me for my sessions . Hedda made the sessions really hard work but also great fun ! After a few weeks I started to notice I felt stronger , less tired and ache less ! I decided to gradually come off my medication which had made me feel so spaced out. By the eighth week, I was off all my meds for the first time In 8 yrs !! Every day I felt better and didn’t have that awful ache which had taken over my body . I am now able to tackle tasks at home that before I wouldn’t have even attempted . I am still exercising every day and still cold shower every morning as it makes me feel so alive and well ! I can never thank Adam and Hedda enough for all they have done for me . They have completely transformed my life . Julie x