Kelly – Fibromyalgia/Hypermobility

Kelly – “Where do I begin? I had followed The Fibro Guy for a number of years, my Mam had been diagnosed years previous and I was always looking for ways to help her. I didn’t ever think it would be to help me, then it started to creep in one symptom at a time before a year ago I hit a whole new low. I struggled through a working week, having no energy from midday and by the end of a shift crying in pain on arrival home. Come January 2020 I seen another amazing recovery on Fibro Guy and thought that’s it sign me up! 10 weeks with the guidance of Adam initially then Hedda I can honestly say I have my life back! Thank you will never be enough for what you have done for me, still waiting on that dipping session to end in style. You’re both amazing! A special thanks to Hedda for putting up with my moaning and giving me the kick up the butt I needed, your an inspiration!”
Practitioner Hedda-
“Kelly was one of the very first clients that i started working with! So to be completely honest, the start was a bit wobbly for me, but her incredible patience made working together a blast! She came in completely trashed. Pain everywhere, fatigued, and I couldn’t even count all the medications she was on. Now, weeks later, she has gone from bed bound to pulling her boyfriend out of bed to box with her at home. She has been there on the earliest mornings in the studio and the latest sessions at night! Just goes to show the dedication she had for getting her pain free life back! Going to miss you kelly ⭐️