Kit: FIbromyalgia

When I first met Kit she was in the grip of a big flare up.
She relied on other people to help her with day-to-day activities and had tried many different treatments with no success.
Kit was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and felt every time she saw a Doctor with something new it was quickly dismissed as a symptom of Fibro.
Kit was on GABA drugs when we met and told by her Doctor that this would be a lifelong burden of living with Fibromyalgia.
Fast forward to now and you can see Kit has her life back! She plays with her Grandchildren, walks twice per day and is even signing up for a hike when social distancing rules are relaxed!
Kit has worked so hard and completely changed her ideas about Fibromyalgia. She’s pain med free and gives me a run for my money when we workout!
Kit now jazzercises (Zumba for the Brits reading) and recently started cycling for a couple of hours at a time. Not bad for someone who was essentially bedbound several months ago.
Well done Kit, you know how extremely proud I am of you and I can’t wait to get stateside and give you the biggest hug I can!
Enjoy the new lifestyle you deserve it so much.
Paul @The Fibro Guy Leeds