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Laura’s Story


“Before meeting Adam, I felt lost. At the age of 23, being advised to consider a career change due to a chronic illness and the need to “live with it” nearly broke me. I had taken four weeks off work with no improvement, and I was utterly frustrated, especially with my wedding day looming in five months and the mere act of getting out of bed being a Herculean task.

Adam’s support has been transformative. Through the time I’ve spent with him, I’ve gained profound insights about myself and achieved milestones I never thought possible.

One of my goals was to return to trampolining, a prospect I was sceptical about, yet, with Adam’s guidance, it became a reality. He has pushed me through some of the most challenging sessions of my life, enabling me to rediscover joy in my favourite activities.

Adam has empowered me to face my fears and realise my own strength, far beyond what I had imagined. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for his influence; I’m immensely thankful for all he has done. Our journey has been filled with laughter and significant achievements. I look forward to embracing life fully, starting with my wedding day, free from the shadow of pain.”