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Laura’s Story

“I’m struggling to write this as I’m not sure how to put into words how truly grateful I am for Adams guidance and support over the last few months, but here goes! About a year and a half ago i started to get really heavy and tired legs, I’m a chef so I’m often on my feet for 11-13 hours a day so I didn’t think much of it other than ‘I must just be getting old’. Christmas came and the hours and days at work escalated and the tiredness and heaviness turned into shooting pains down from my right hip and up through my left foot, but only when I stopped and they went away pretty quick, so on I carried!

Work finally died down but the pain got worse. My days off were spent asleep because I just had no energy. I was getting no where with the doctors other than that I was hyper mobile and my appointment with a rhumatologist would be in 2020.

It got to the point where I was unable to work but I couldn’t afford not too. I felt completely lost and helpless. I was sure it was the end of my career.
This is when a friend posted about ‘the fibro guy’ and hope was restored!! Adam got me in the studio really quick and we started my recovery. Now im not going to sugar coat this.

Adam is a mad man! And some of the things he got me to do are not very pleasant but there is method to his madness!

Here I am 12 weeks later, able to work, able to exercise, able to do whatever I want!
Adam foster is an absolute legend, a man I will hold dear to my heart forever. He has educated me, challenged me and we’ve had so much fun doing it!
Thank you Adam, my backwards knees will be forever grateful”