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Lorraine’s Story

A woman with her arms behind her back smiling at the camera

“Hi, I’m Lorraine. Joining The Fibro Guy marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life. After health challenges forced me to leave my teaching career, I felt lost. But The Fibro Guy opened up a world of support and education. The team there, with their caring and knowledgeable approach, crafted a program of tailored exercises that suited my needs. Every session was a learning experience, enlightening me about my body and how to care for it. Gradually, I began feeling a sense of empowerment and well-being. The journey with them has been about more than just physical activity; it’s been about understanding, growth, and positive change. The encouragement and insight from the staff have been invaluable. Each step of the way, I’ve felt more engaged and energised, rediscovering joys I thought I’d lost. I’m deeply thankful for this experience and the newfound optimism it’s brought to my life.”