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Marie’s Story

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Well, talk about a happy accident! I discovered The Fibro Guy totally by chance – I thought it was something to do with fibre optics at first! Imagine my surprise when I looked it up and found out it was actually something that could help me with my day-to-day challenges. Being a dog groomer had become a bit of a circus act – juggling pain and pups isn’t as fun as it sounds.

So, I started this journey with The Fibro Guy, a bit skeptical but open to seeing what could happen. The program they had me on wasn’t just a walk in the park – it was tailored, kind of like a ‘choose your own adventure’ but for fitness. Who knew exercise could be like a secret sauce for feeling better?

Fast forward a bit, and the changes are pretty wild. I went from shuffling around and playing a not-so-fun game of ‘how many things can I drop today’ to actually jumping up on kitchen counters like some sort of ninja. Who does that? Apparently, me now! And get this – I bought a new truck, higher than the last one. I’m climbing in and out of it like it’s no big deal. Even switched back to a manual drive – talk about a comeback!

My daily routine has had a complete makeover. Walking the dogs is now more of a leisurely stroll than a mission to Mars. I’m back to doing more at work, and lifting things doesn’t feel like a workout anymore. It’s like I’ve gone from ‘barely lifting a teacup’ to ‘hey, check out these muscles’.

But the real kicker? I’m shopping solo again! I mean, reaching into a shopping trolley without feeling like I’m in an extreme sport – that’s a win in my book. And washing my hair without doing a weird dance? Priceless.

Honestly, the best part is that it’s not just about doing stuff; it’s about not having to plan my life around ‘what ifs’. And a big shout out to Adam – who knew finding The Fibro Guy would be the highlight of my year?