Marie’s Story

“I first went to see Adam when I could no longer get in and out of my truck, which led me to sell it. My daughter spotted the Fibro Guy’s door next door to We Buy Any Car, and though I initially thought it was something to do with fiber optics, I checked it out online and really like the sound of a biopsychosocial approach to my health and wellbeing.

As a dog groomer, I was constantly in pain, and my business had dwindled down to just three or four dogs a day. I struggled to lift a kettle and had to shuffle around the house on all fours to go upstairs. I couldn’t even walk my dogs anymore, and I had to have people come with me when I went shopping. Chest pains would even send me to the hospital, thinking I was having a heart attack.

Now, halfway through the program, I am jumping up on the kitchen worktops to reach the top of the cupboards, have bought a new truck even higher than the last, and can walk into dogs for an hour at a time. I can even do deadlifts and lift more weight than before, and I’m down on my medication and supplements.

I can groom eight dogs a day and lift shopping bags, and I’ve regained my life back. The best part is that I can do things without worrying about whether it will hurt or if I’ll get stuck”