Maureen – FND/Fibromyalgia

This year has brought me some awesome new clients and one such client is Mo!

A few weeks ago Mo had attended a local Fibromyalgia support group and had been disappointed in the lack of positive action for recovery, as she felt Fibro was just a label (that’s ma girl!) and this is what kick-started her to come and see me. A few weeks ago Mo couldn’t bend over without pain, walk very far and felt incredibly sluggish from pregabalin. In just a few weeks she has already had the huge 105kg tyre up, taught herself boxing and set some deadlift personal bests! Amazingly, her seizures have also stopped and I’m guessing that’s because she’s fully off the pregabalin 

Mo- “I was told I had fibromyalgia around 5 years ago suffering from terrible pain and fatigue. I was started on medication which at first I thought was helping, last November I was diagnosed with non epileptic attack disorder I was taking pregabalin for the fibromyalgia and when the seizures started I just thought I need to do something about it. Three weeks ago I started seeing Adam and it has totally transformed my life, I am coming off the medication and I have gone from having 5 to 6 seizures every day to now not having one for 2 weeks. It is the best thing I have ever done I can’t explain how much better I feel in myself and that is only after 3 weeks and now feel I am finally getting my life back thanks Adam you do a great job”

You can read Mo’s press article here.