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Nadia’s Story

Nadia Mum, Nicola:

“8 weeks ago, I cried as I purchased a wheelchair for my 13 year old daughter. She had gone from doing every sport under the sun, to being in constant pain and unable to climb the stairs to get to bed. We found out she had EDS and that her lax joints would probably mean she’d need support to carry out her daily activities.
I dropped her off at school and will never forget how devastated she and I were that this was her fate.
However, I hoped that there was another way, and after doing some research, found Adam.
A round trip to Newcastle to see Adam and a three hour workshop on the 23rd of June was the starting point.
Many many tears and tantrums later, today we purchased a new bike, because my daughter no longer needs a chair. She runs, bikes, swims and dances again. She can’t wait to get back to school and take part in PE. 
Adam, I’ll never be able to thank you enough. Family life is restored”