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Nikki – Fibromyalgia

It is incredibly rare you will ever hear me say this word, but this woman below, is a fucking “warrior”. Nikki travelled 350 miles from Poole every week, and I mean every single week to see Hedda at the Newcastle Studio.

Nikki’s initial email had a history and symptom list longer than my wife’s uni dissertation. She couldn’t even lift her arms above her head without triggering a migraine.

I’ve checked in with Hedda every week to see how Nikki has been getting on in her recovery, and every week I’ve got to watch the little smile on hedda’s face get bigger and bigger as Nikki moved further towards her recovery.

Nikki, I am so incredibly proud of you, there has been many obstacles on your road to recovery, not just including 700 mile up and down again trip. You should be so incredibly proud of yourself….because I know how proud of you Hedda is, too 😊

Congrats on facilitating another recovery Hedda. I knew I picked well 💪🏻




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