Sarah – Chronic pain and fatigue

Sarah’s Chronic Fatigue Recovery Story

We are always impressed with the amount of effort, education, and determination that our clients put into their recoveries. However, Sarah’s success story holds a special place with us due to the sheer quickness of her recovery.

Sarah had struggled with pain and fatigue for longer than she cared to remember, and when she heard that a new Fibro Guy studio was coming to Edinburgh, she was one of the first clients through the door. After almost collapsing at work one day, she become bedbound for months and was told by her GP that nothing could be done after several treatment options failed. After finding us on the internet she soon booked in for a consultation and started her programme.

One of the biggest things Sarah wanted out of her programme was to regain was her independence, her ability to drive, and be able to walk out the front door without fear of being in bed for weeks. Sarah indeed got everything she had wished for and went on to be able to live her life on her terms, taking up sea swimming and kayaking!

When asked about her future, Sarah says: ‘I’m really excited, I have a choice now and I’ve got the ability to do what I want now after my chronic fatigue recovery”.


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