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Steph – Chronic pain and fatigue

My life completely changed in more ways than 1 when the pain hit, as i was left pretty much housebound and a lot of the time spent days even weeks at a time in bed. I suffered from extreme fatigue and pain along with other symptoms & eventually had to use walking sticks & had my own wheelchair to enable me to get out when i was well enough.

I had to rely heavily on David and my Mam for the most basic of things, things you never ever want or expect to have to rely on them for. I spent days thinking was this my life now & even though i did have some good days they were very few & far between. I lost who i was, but painted a smile on my face as i didn’t like to moan as there is always someone worse off. I was always as positive as i could be as that’s just me but don’t get me wrong there were days lying in bed in a dark room or when my wonderful Husband was bathing me that i just thought this can’t be it, I am not ready for this to be my life. That’s right hes had to do so much for me. Lots that most couldn’t cope with. I tried lots of things then i found the fibro guy Adam Foster the man i cant thank enough for putting me on the right track.He taught me to walk again, amazing right! Since seeing him i then continued his programme at home and then i was in a position to finally start to re build up on things people take for granted. A bit at a time i started to walk again outside, i have started driving again & started to add normal things people do & im so happy to say things are good and no relapses which is was my biggest fear!

I didnt share straight away as i was frightened & ive been struggling to adapt to this new way of life & working out how to fit back in but that will get easier. I can’t thank my amazing husband for all hes done hes my rock & i love him more than he’ll ever know, my wonderful mam too and all my family & close friends you know who you are.

This has truly been the hardest time of my life & im filling up writing this because ive done it ive kicked its ass!!!! Its been hard work, painful & emotional but so worth it to get me back! But im looking forward to a future now a future that im going to live to the fullest because life is too short! love you all and thank you for the support 😘