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Steve – 64 – ME/CFS

Steve- “ Hi, im Steve, 64 years old and I have suffered with ME/CFS for about 13 years. Early days I was under my GP , having loads of tests which all came back normal. I was told I had ME/CFS but they did not know what caused it or how to treat it. I suffered all those years with a lack of energy and food intolerances, mainly sugar. At the beginning of this year my wife was treated by Adam for fibromyalgia which she has completely recovered from (again after the NHS said they could not help her). Now, after my treatment with Adam, I can eat whatever I want without any problems, including my favorite treat of Turkish delight. I now have the energy to work on my hobbies all evening after a full day at work as opposed to just falling asleep exhausted on the sofa when I get home. The treatment is physically and mentally hard, but Adam makes it fun and he is an all round great guy. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you do have fibro, ME/CFS or chronic pain in general, you don’t have to live life in pain, please just give Adam a shout! You only have yourself to blame if you don’t contact him. Thanks Adam for making me better, but also giving me my wife back”


Adam: I love a good couple recovery story! After working with Steve’s wife Wendy, I started working with Steve a few weeks ago and he’s gone from strength to strength. It makes me very happy to know that they can both enjoy their lives “together” pain and fatigue free 😊💪🏻. Good job guys!


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