Vaila: EDS

When Vaila’s issues with EDS and hypermobility started to get worse, she had to stop all sport including the one thing she loved most of all: horse riding.
Walking soon became a chore as her hips and knees would sublux and she would end up in a huge flare-up for weeks at a time.

8 physiotherapists, 4 Doctors, and multiple injections later, Vaila finally walked through the doors of our Edinburgh site.

Vaila was so hopeful, but also with a healthy dose of scepticism, but she left all of that at the door when she started her programme.

Valia’s recovery was hard and there was much to learn, as much of the information out there about hypermobility exercises and strength training is simple bad information. The first pit stop for hypermobility rehab is to undo much of the damage that these bits of misinformation cause.

As you can see, in just a few short weeks, Valia was pain-free, with no subluxations or dislocations, and ultimately back to the things she loved the most: horseriding.