Hypermobility Syndrome Symptoms

A woman with a hyper extend elbow

Ever heard of Hypermobility Syndrome? If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t. And yet, this condition is more common than you might think, especially among children and young adults. In fact, up to 15% of kids have hypermobile joints that usually tighten up to a normal range of motion as they get older. But […]

Knee Weakness

A woman holding her painful Knee

Hello reader, welcome to our exploration of the enigmatic world of knee pain and weakness. If you’re here, chances are you’ve experienced knee pain, or perhaps you’ve been privy to the special treat that is knee weakness. Maybe you’re trying to open a jar of pickles and your knees feel like they’re auditioning for a […]

Can your brain make you sick?

A woman holding her head stood infront of a picture of a brain

Normally, when we think of getting sick, we think of it as viruses and bacteria from the outside world getting into our bodies, however, there are occasions when this isn’t the only way that we can get sick. Let’s explore the strange question of can your brain make you ill? It’s a well-known fact that […]

Hypermobility and Sleep

A women with hypermobility sleeping with a U shaped pillow

It’s not uncommon for those with Hypermobility and EDS to have difficulty getting into a comfortable sleeping position. Subluxating/dislocating joints, gastric issues, pain, and even anxiety, are all factors that many of those with conditions like Ehlers Danlos syndrome and hypermobility struggle with when it comes to sleeping. With so many with hypermobility struggling with […]

KT Tape for Hypermobility and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

KT tape on a hypermobile knee

It is not uncommon to see those with hypermobility and EDS covered in an abundance of brightly coloured KT tape. Kinesio tape comes highly recommended for those with hypermobility, however, just like most modalities, there are those that find it helpful and those who do not. There is an abundance of claims when it comes […]

Hypermobility Knee Exercises

Hypermobility Knee Exercises

People generally have some issues with the specific hypermobility knee exercises that are currently out there. They either don’t work or they yield very little results. This is largely due to the simple fact that the current treatment around exercises for those with hypermobility, are built on a false premise and simply do not take […]

Hypermobility Jaw Pain: TMJD Exercises

Hypermobility TMJD exercises

We have worked with hypermobile clients for a very long time, and in that time, we have seen a lot of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD). Whilst TMJD is fairly common in the general population, it is far more prevalent in those with hypermobility, especially in hypermobile women. Many of our clients have, in the past, suffered from […]

Hypermobility exercises for children

Hypermobility children exercises demo

Hypermobility and children In recent years the medical world has begun to realise that the prevalence of hypermobility is far greater than it was once thought to be. Therefore, it has never been a better time to focus on specific hypermobility exercises for children. This helps them to increase their joint stability, motor skills, and […]

Hypermobility and EDS: What is the best diet?

Ehlers Danlos and hypermobility diet

A well-balanced diet is essential to our health, but with conditions such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, the topic of diet can be fraught with pitfalls and disappointment. What works for one may not necessarily work for others, and with co-morbidities such as Mast Cell Activation Disorder, slow gut mobility, and a […]

Hypermobility Rib Subluxation: A Practical Guide

Hypermobile ribs

Rib Subluxations Let’s talk about the dreaded hypermobility rib subluxation and the current subluxation exercise that are out there. It’s no secret that subluxations and dislocations are more prevalent in the hypermobile population, which mean an unfortunate victim of subluxations can be the ribs. Subluxation of the ribs can make us feel like we’ve been shot, […]