Hypermobility and EDS: What is the best diet?

Ehlers Danlos and hypermobility diet

A well-balanced diet is essential to our health, but with conditions such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, the topic of diet can be fraught with pitfalls and disappointment. What works for one may not necessarily work for others, and with co-morbidities such as Mast Cell Activation Disorder, slow gut mobility, and a […]

Hypermobility Rib Subluxation: A Practical Guide

Hypermobile ribs

Rib Subluxations Let’s talk about the dreaded hypermobility rib subluxation and the current subluxation exercise that are out there. It’s no secret that subluxations and dislocations are more prevalent in the hypermobile population, which mean an unfortunate victim of subluxations can be the ribs. Subluxation of the ribs can make us feel like we’ve been shot, […]

Running with hypermobility

A hyper mobile woman running

It seems like every week a question about running with hypermobility comes up with a new client of ours in the studio. As usual, there is always a lot to cover within this topic, as when it comes to hypermobility, there is an alarming amount of misinformation surrounding the topic. There seems to be at […]

Hypermobile Flat Feet: A Hypermobility exercise

A hypermobility exercise for feet using a band

Those with hypermobility may have what is coined “flat feet” (which can also be referred to as “collapsed arches” or “fallen arches). This is where the muscles of the foot aren’t able to fully support our structures above. There seems to be much demand for a simple and effective hypermobility foot arch exercise. So, below you […]

Is stretching good for hypermobility? A beginner guide

A woman with hyper extended knees

Is stretching good for hypermobility? This seems like a fairly simple question, which should have a fairly simple answer, but does it? If you want a subject that will make your head spin, then welcome to an area of life that is just fraught with myths and misinformation. Why can some people stretch with hypermobility […]

Hypermobility core exercises

Balancing rocks: Hypermobility core exercises

The Core stability fad Every decade has its fads, with some coming and some going. Unfortunately, though, hypermobility core exercises seem to have maintained a strong foothold in the industry, with many health care providers continuing to perpetuate the myth of core stability. The reason I call it is a myth is simple because it is. […]