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The Brutal truth- A full Fibro recovery

Its normally me who writes these kind of blogs on my clients, but when I asked Heather if she would write a paragraph, she pretty much wrote the whole blog for me 😀 Although not every client will make a total, full Fibro recovery, as some have issues such as bakers cysts, some actually turn out to be fairly deep into the EDS spectrum and other things can be present that make it very hard.  Age I believe is a big part of it, as well as a persons own beliefs, however there is not a single person reading this who couldn’t help themselves to creating a better standard of living.

Fibro is a culturally adopted label. Its not a disease; but a syndrome; a collection of symptoms. A lot of people with the Fibro label have similar symptoms (partly because a large percentage are actually hypermobile).

Fibro is not a disease, it does not affect your eyes, it does not have stages and it is not genetic. Is the fatigue and the pain people who have the Fibro label experience real? Absolutely! Is fibro anything more than a label…the answer is no.

Since 2012 there has been over 9000 research papers published on fibromyalgia, so research is not lacking. However we are no further forward to a “cure” than we were 20 years ago. You will not find the cause of fibromyalgia through an MRI scan, a blood test, nor an X-ray because there is no pathological cause, because it’s not a disease. If you are reading this on your phone, imagine you smash your phone on the floor, as you sift through all of the hardware, the circuit board, the screen, etc, how long will you have to look until you find a text message? Forever I’d imagine, as text messages are software and you are looking at hardware. As Fibro is not a disease, it means there is no cure! Recovery however is completely possible if you decided to do a little research and realise that “Fibro”, despite causing horrendous amounts of pain, is not some omnipotent demon, hell bent on destroying you through degenerating your organs. It is a label and the pain you experience is complex and designed for protection.

Pain is complex and is a multifactorial experience, pain is the body’s software. Generally , looking at a MRI scan for the cause of Fibro  (or indeed most chronic pain) is like looking at the circuit board of your phone, trying to find your text messages, good luck hunting because you won’t find anything. Do people with Fibro seem to have bad posture? Yes. Is this a cause? Not really! Posture is more of an effect, its more emotionally driven. How many depressed people do you know who walk tall as they walk the streets? How many people in pain do you know who walk tall? Pain changes everything, from how you interact with friends, how you move and even how you talk. Will people with a Fibro label have low vitimin D? Yes more than likely, if you’re in pain you won’t leave the house very much. Many of the things people in pain have in common are effects rather than cause. Yet many of the so called support groups online push Fibro as a disease and in turn, limit not only themselves, but those seeking support in recovering. If you have been on the my page a while, then you know I created it for a singular purpose, to chronicle the people I work with to show people that actually, recovery, getting your life back or whatever you want to call it…is completely possible. Like I have said a million times before, once you remove the people who are actually hypermobile, you are left with a group of people (myself included years ago) who are completely different  “symptom” wise and can make full recoveries. Heather is incredible because not only has she smashed a full recovery, she is also hypermobile!

You can take what I say at face value, perhaps you will use it to see a path forward that you may of not been aware of. Or what I say will really piss you off and you cling to your own biases and nothing will change.

I don’t say these words to anger people, I just want people to see that sometimes what they believe, is not true. I know we all want validation that our pain is real and a Fibro diagnosis gives that. I am not saying you are not in pain, I’m simply saying it isn’t because of Fibro.

What you do with this information is up to you, it makes no difference to how I work with people or how I educate them. But if just one person reading this can see a way to change their life, then I am happy.



“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia during my last pregnancy and hadn’t found anything during the 5 years that have passed that would help ease my pain and chronic fatigue so I could function “normally” . I went from working 70+ hours a week, while also running a children’s charity in my spare time as well as studying at uni. I had to stop working, stop the charity work and put my studies on hold.
I had refused to take the awful medication the dr wanted me to try as I believed in helping my body heal, not drugging it.
I came across Adam’s Facebook page and sent an enquiry to see if my symptoms could be helped and in September this year (2017) I began my training sessions and whilst I was hoping it would eventually help I was NOT prepared for how quickly my body responded!!!
I won’t lie… it’s HARD… and Adam is evil 😎 but he clearly knows what is needed to get results and I did exactly as I was instructed and by the second week I not only had a night out 😱 but I had no pain despite being outside, standing around and wasn’t cold! This was a very surreal experience but I expected to be in agony the following day as any sort of social event would have had me bed bound the following day. WELL the next morning I woke up pain free! It was the first morning in almost 5 years where I hadn’t reached for my pain meds before even getting out of bed!!
Since then my symptoms continue to diminish, to the point where I can have a night out and not have to take medication with me, as well as going a full day without needing any medication at all! My energy levels are back to pre fibro levels and I am able to work full time and not be in agony and can also manage my uni studies again…….
I really can’t thank Adam enough for his ongoing support and he is always on hand to give me help, advise and moral support and whilst the sessions are physically and emotionally hard, we also have a laugh and I throughly enjoy my training and have no plans to stop attending altogether once my 8 weeks training plan is up :)”



6 Replies to “The Brutal truth- A full Fibro recovery”

  1. Brilliant. Well done both of you. x

    1. Thanks ❤️

  2. I do not understand your viewpoint on Fibromyalgia. If a person who is diagnosed with this condition, and naturally, they are in pain, what is the pain due to? What do you attribute the nerve pain, tremors, digestive issues, sleep issues, dry skin, severe itching, and allodynia to? There are many experts in the field who would disagree with you. I am just trying to understand your perspective. My daughter and I have both been diagnosed with this condition. I am tired all the time, have pain, and tremors. I would love to have my life back! But I feel that what you are saying is that what we are experiencing is not real. I hope I am wrong!

    1. Hi Tonja,

      Not all, infact at several points in the blog I reaffirm that the pain people experience is real, just that fibromyalgia is not pathological cause, it’s a label.
      Every person you know with Fibro also has a sink in their kitchen, so does this mean that it’s cause IBS itching? No, just because something correlates doesn’t always imply causation.

      The majority of people with Fibro are misdiagnosed hypermobility sufferers. With connective tissue being very abundant in the body, you find that those with lax connective tissue generally have systemic problems.

      Pain is real, however making the label that is Fibro into some sort of causation to every problem limits people’s recovery and is generally just a nocebo.

      Warm regards

  3. That’s NOT what Adam is saying,
    There’s is no cure as there is no fibro… it may be what the medical professionals have named it but that doesn’t mean it is correct
    The PAIN, the FATIGUE, the DISLOCATIONS ARE VERY VERY VERY real but this is what we need to focus on resolving not just hiding behind a title as it’s easier to do that than work hard to get better
    Believe me I’ve tried regular physio and I was in agony afterwards, bed bound for days actually but what Adam does is target the specific issues that are causing the pain and helping the body be more efficient in how it deals with the stresses of day to day living.
    I tried everything going except the strong pain medications the drs wanted me on and nothing worked, I was starting to look at mobility scooters and walking aids that’s how bad my pain was yet after 2 weeks of putting 100% faith (and a lot of swear words) in Adam I was feeling better. I’m still amazed at how quickly I responded to what we did… it I was at the point of I had nothing to loose by trying and boy am I glad I did!!

  4. Hello Adam
    I am pleased that you have managed to improve your health, I hope this continues for you.
    My son suffers from a severe form of ME/CFS and has been bed bound for 15 years. I wonder if your regime could be adapted for him without any risk of exacerbating his symptoms?

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