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Don’t let your genes stop you from wearing……….well, your jeans!

I’ve had Julia from the Netherlands in the studio this week and she’s doing super well!😊

“It actually took quite a long time before I figured out I was hypermobile. Things started to go downhill more seriously when I was around 21 and my abdominal pain got quite severe. After multiple injections in that area over a year’s time, I finally got the surgery where they burned off my nerve endings leaving a 10 cm scar hiding under my clothes. The surgery did not really help, but as long as I did not have the pressure of jeans on my abdomen, I was able to muddle onwards. For the next five years I have only worn dresses, summer and winter, spring and fall. I graduated from universitiy and worked full time jobs, but the doctors were not able to explain why I was fainting more and more, getting pain all over and being so tired so very often. Eventually I became bedridden for a couple of months, staying with my parents once more as I was unable to take care of myself anymore. Very slowly I started to rebuild and as I discovered I was hypermobile, multiple great physiotherapists in the Netherlands helped me improve. I am very thankful to them, but the progress was slow and I seemed to hit wall after wall with many issues remaining. I started to think that maybe this was the best my body could ever be. But, thankfully, it turned out it wasn’t.
Via social media I stumbled on a recommendation for the exercises from Adam. I looked at his website and it seemed too good to be true, so I followed his online program before deciding whether to fly over to the UK. In those 10 weeks of diligently following his program, I made more progress than in all the years before! And all it took were cold showers, very specific exercises and Adam’s pearls of wisdom. I am simplifying of course: Everything is easier in hindsight. And in jeans, which I am wearing whilst I am writing this. But it worked and is working, and I guess that is what matters most.
Now I have also flown over to Adam. Why? Because Adam is my ticket out of an unneccesarily limited and hard life. And if you get such a ticket, why not go for the whole ride? I have seen Adam twice now in the flesh and have two more sessions to go. I am very glad I came over and am rejoicing in the additional improvements and meeting Adam after all our whatsapp chats and his encouragements.

Looking back at those wasted years is always a bit of a sad thing. Were they wasted? I dont know. All I know is that this long and winding road brought me here, to the beach of Whitley Bay where I am walking all the way from the metro station to the lighthouse. The fierce wind makes the waves roar and the sun is playing hide and seek. In the distance I can see the lighthouse surrounded by the sea. I am not there yet. So I walk and I walk and I am happy”

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