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It’s here – The New Hypermobility Course

30 weeks long, this course covers hypermobility proprioception techniques and movements you won’t find anywhere else. Educational videos are included covering everything from neuro-tags to autogenic inhibition.

It is the pleasure of Adam and Hedda to introduce you to the most comprehensive online course for hypermobility EVER created!

This course now acts as a completely standalone course designed by hypermobile people who get brilliant results, for hypermobile people that want brilliant results!

Available now at https://www.thefibroguy.com/online-courses/



One Reply to “It’s here – The New Hypermobility Course”

  1. I can’t recommend Adam’s methods and training courses highly enough! He is a truly gifted and remarkable man. I have recently bought his new hypermobility course, which is packed full of amazing information and really great exercises. They are very well explained and clear demonstrations are given and all the facts and science behind everything makes this course very special and unique. This is the second course I have purchased of Adam’s and after years of suffering with chronic pain and fatigue, after working with Adam for a year, I can honestly say that my pain has been diminished by 80% and the abnormal fatigue is now down by 90%
    Adam is very knowledgeable and positive and has given me continuous help and support throughout. The quality of my life has improved drastically and I owe him a great deal, I really can’t thank him enough.
    I think that his new course will help me be to become totally pain free!

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