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The “New” guide to Hypermobility – Part 1- Cut the bull sh#t!

Over many years I have been lucky enough to work with many amazing people, from those with Fibromyalgia to those with various neurological problems. But, out of all the people that walk through my door with a fibromyalgia only diagnosis, I would say around 50%-60%  actually turn out to be on the Hypermobility spectrum or have Ehler-danlos syndrome. Now for those folks with hyper lax tissue, life can become very difficult, very fast. With the change in collagen that the gene mutation in those with hypermobilty causes, and the fact that collagen is a hugely abundant and incredibly important tissue in the body, it brings about a lot of systemic problems. I’ve seen a lot of hypermobile folk in my career and I’ve seen some pretty amazing results that hard work, determination and a little consistency can bring about. Some of them even made the press like KrissLauren and Lisa.

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Why we need to stop advising Graded exercise for CFS/ME

As someone who is a huge advocate of exercise, the title of this may seem confusing. I have seen countless people over the years with all kinds of chronic conditions. I’ve had EDS clients bound to wheelchairs walking in a matter of weeks, Fibromyalgia clients return back to work after a 15 year break and CFS/ME clients fully recover and return back to their old lives. How I work with the CFS/ME population is vastly different to the other groups and this current method we have of prescribing everyone with graded exercise is by far the most damaging thing a “professional” can do, and it must stop. Read more

Skype Interview with Stanford University’s Dr Jose Montoya

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of talking via Skype to Dr Jose Montoya professor of medicine and head of the Chronic fatigue syndrome research team at Stanford university, and it seems to me that they are taking big steps forward to discovering a clean cut tool to diagnose CFS/ME. Read more

        I’ve had a lot of emails lately asking if there will be any more road shows this year. …

The “New” guide to hypermobility – Part 3 – Stretching the truth

If you want a subject that will make your head spin, then welcome to Part 3- Stretching the truth.  Why can some people …

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Working with me is hard. Super hard. There’s a long line of people who will tell you the same. Despite the hard journey …