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I’ve had a lot of emails lately asking if there will be any more road shows this year. At the moment I have a lot of projects going on including the book, the hypermobility exercise DVD and looking towards expansion. With all of that being said, I have decided to do one last roadshow, which, in all likelihood will probably be my last. Due to commitments, I can’t travel too far this time so I have capped the workshops to Scotland, the North-West,  the Midlands and Wales as there have been lots emails from there.

Each workshop slot will be 2hrs in duration and cover everything I would do with a regular workshop. Although condensed; you’ll be getting exactly the same including a follow-up regime to follow at home and unlimited remote support from me for as long as you need it, to get the results you desire!  If you are committed to recovery and not just simply interested; a workshop is for you!  Due to the travel element, all fees are non-refundable as that’ll be contributing towards travel costs, venue hire and accommodation. However, due to the travel element again, and seeing multiple people per day, the workshop fee is £100 instead of £180.

Booking needs to be done via email and it has to include: – Full history (diagnosis, medications) – Pain levels – Detail any surgery/surgeries – Detail current involvement (e.g. Physio)

Remember that slots are limited and once they’re gone, they’re gone – and this time it’s for good!

Get booking and see you soon.


Saturday 9th of June – Manchester – 4 spaces

Sunday 10th of June – Manchester – 4 spaces

Saturday 23rd of June- Edinburgh – 4 spaces

Sunday 24th of June- Edinburgh – 4 spaces

Saturday 30th of June- Leeds – 4 spaces

Saturday 14th of July- Cardiff- 4 spaces

Saturday 21st of July- Sheffield- 4spaces

Saturday 5th of August-Birmingham-  4 spaces



Please note all spaces left, are as last updated at  16:00hrs on 08/04/2018.


To book a slot for a workshop please email Adam.foster@thefibroguy.com


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Issues with the tissues…. sometimes, most of the time, its not!



*Warning*  *This blog contains some graphic pictures*

Following on from the “Pain is for protection, not damage” blog, I found some brilliant examples to help show you how pain can exist with or without damage. Pain is an output of the brain when you subconsciously deem that pain is an adequate response to the inputs you receive. Remember though, that what we believe, past experiences, how you feel that day, who you are with, why you are doing what you are doing and how you are doing it, can all change how you process the various inputs of the world and ultimately, cause things that you used to do, to now become painful….. Read more

My favourite success story… So far this year!

Last year I met Gayleen and despite all the pain she was in, I promised her within 6 weeks she would be flipping tyres across the studio floor, back pain free….

I like to set everyone new little milestones for their journey with me, yet there has always been one that has been set in stone for years…Tyre flipping! To this day I still love the reaction I get during a consultation, when I tell someone they will be flipping a huge tyre in 6 weeks. Some people don’t say anything, some think you’re mad, others see it as a challenge. Nonetheless, its brilliant to see someone once crippled with pain, do something they never thought they would do.

I met Gayleen last October and I thought rather than tell you about our journey, I’d ask Gayleen do it herself:

“I’m a 46 year old woman. Before I styretarted working with Adam I had suffered from severe lower back pain for about 15 years. I was living on prescription painkillers. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 36. My body would ache from head to foot, particularly my hips, knees and elbows. I struggled to walk far, limped most of the time and was in constant pain. The other thing you should know about me is that I’m a massive Disney fan, especially Mickey Mouse. For years I had been pestering my husband about going to Florida on holiday, but as he rightly pointed out, I couldn’t walk very far so it wouldn’t really work, and with my back I couldn’t go on any of the rides. I’m also overweight and was secretly worried that I may not have fitted in the ride seats. So in October 2016 I started working with Adam. I was very sceptical at first, especially about the tyre flipping within 6 weeks. However within a few weeks, true to his word, he had me flipping tyres. I was so proud, I’ve showed everyone I know the video of me flipping that tyre! As well as not being in pain, I’ve also lost weight and body inches since st16839760_10155709269323238_2057283528_narting to work out. I had made such impressive and rapid progress with Adam that in December 2016 my husband agreed to book Florida. I’ve just got back from a week in Florida and I had the time of my life. Not only did I walk for 53 miles during the week, but I kept up with my 2 teenagers, I fitted on every ride, I wasn’t in pain and of course I met Mickey Mouse. Not only did I feel fantastic, I also felt like a normal person, and it’s been a long time since I could keep up with a normal person. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be out of pain. It may sound dramatic, but working with Adam has completely changed my life.”

Gayleen has been a brilliant client to work with and, as promised, has achieved what she set out to do.  It’s like the old saying goes ” If you want something you’ve never had, do something you’ve never done”




If you’re currently just going through the motions and nothing is changing, stop! It’s obviously not working. Try new things; no one should have to live in pain.

As always, gentle hugs


Why they keep telling you to exercise and move

So many of you reading this will have inevitably been told to exercise to help reduce your fibromyalgia pain. There are tonnes of articles out there, even more out of shape doctors recommending it and of course every man,woman and child telling you it will magically help. But with so many talking about it, why is it that nobody actually tells you why it will help? And if you don’t understand why it will help, then you’re not going to really want to give it a shot. Read more

Introducing Lizzie

You may remember about 3 weeks ago when I asked for some volunteers to help trial my new modified pain management programme. This was after I had made some adjustments to it, in the hopes of making it shorter.

I would like you to meet Lizzie who is currently going into week 3 of the 6 week programme. So far she has made some brilliant progress… Read more

Fibromyalgia documentry

Fibromyalgia Documentry Update

Well the Fibromyalgia Exercise build up DVD is finished and the documentry is nearly finished, Funded by Fibromyalgia Action UK , it has been an amazing experience, there are a few more appointments and a few more Days of filming left, but I am happy to announce that we are ready to start taking pre orders and are looking to ship in January.

I am very happy to release the worlds first Fibromyalgia exercise Build up programme and I hope it can help as many people as possible.

And I am even more excited to finally produce a documentry on chronic pain as this is something I feel passionatl

To celebrate the release I’m giving away a free fog jogger with every DVD while stocks last.

You can pre order here https://www.thefibroguy.com/shop/pre-order-the-invisible-monster/

Bed Bound to boxing

Cheryl has has a rough patchthis week with her body getting used to being more mobile, And a mix up on the doctors part leaving her without some vital Medication has only amplified things, but none the less she has done it again and has took another massive step forward. Read more

        I’ve had a lot of emails lately asking if there will be any more road shows this year. …

The “New” guide to hypermobility – Part 3 – Stretching the truth

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