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Welcome Hedda to the team!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the newest edition to The Fibro Guy team, ex-Client and friend….Hedda!  Hedda flew in from Norway at the beginning of this year suffering from chronic pain/fatigue and dislocations. Hedda recovered, flew back to Norway and has been enjoying her life. But, now she’s back in Newcastle to begin her training with myself, all in preparation for her opening up her own studio!

It still amazes me how far this has all gone. I had started this up years ago with just the hopes that I may of been able to help just a few people get better. I had hoped that by doing it the same way I had done it to recover, it just might help some. But, the more I worked, the more I learned, and the more I learned, the more I changed things. And now years on, I now have people flying from around the world to work with me here in Newcastle, I have begun training Ex-clients to start delivering and pushing my programme further and further, helping more and more people, words can not express how that feels.

To watch Hedda fight so hard for her recovery and to achieve such amazing results, it’s an honour for me to have her on the team, and I am looking forward to watching the Amazing recovery stories that will be coming out of her studio.

Glad to have ya H 💪x

You can find Hedda’s recovery story below!
Hedda: “Being sick from the age of 9, battling with pain, dislocations and subluxations on the daily. I had pain in my wrists, fingers, hips, shoulders, feet, knees – you name it. I wore braces and splinters, used crutches or a wheelchair depending on my energy levels. I tried everything the Norwegian healthcare system had to offer me over the years, without any success. Having to ‘drop out’ of school and stop taking part in social activities. I started feeling very hopeless regarding my future.

Then my very stubborn mom, who had been searching high and low for years after a way to get me healthier told me about a man in newcastle called ‘The Fibro Guy’. And I thought, why not, let’s do it, I can’t loose anything by trying this as well. And let me tell you, it has been the best decision I’ve made in years. The day I arrived in newcastle, we did some sightseeing and my hips subluxated 9 times, my dad carried my bag because it was too heavy for my sliding shoulders. I was so exhausted after a few hours I fell asleep at 8’o clock in the evening. I didn’t know if i could make it to the car to get to the appointment with Adam. Luckily I did.

After just a few sessions, with doing my foundations at home I flipped Jeff 3 times. My energy levels rose through the ceiling, I stopped subluxating, my pains are now basically gone and my mindset has been completely changed. I’ve gained a social life, I’ve lived by myself in a foreign country, travelled, gone on hikes, even gone clubbing. It’ s been hard and at times exhausting work, but it has definitely been more than worth the pain. No pain no pain. My parents are now getting back a completely new Hedda, with so much energy, joy and hope for her future.”

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  1. Lovely to see and read about expansion!

    Where will Hedda be based please?

    Any plans for the south east ? Please!!

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