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3 week Chronic fatigue turn around!

Its only been a few weeks into 2017 and I feel I am definitely on the path to beating last years record of people returning back to work!  Rachael has spent in total 6 hours at the studio, over around 3 weeks and has gotten rid of all pain, fatigue and POTS! This is after being diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and suffering for 4 years. 

I am actually pretty impressed with this success story! As I am my own worst critic. Normally I work towards about 6-8 weeks with those with chronic fatigue syndrome. Generally speaking, and in all honesty, CFS is a complete nightmare to work with as nearly every person I see is on 5+ medications and it completely suppresses the nervous system making recovery incredibly difficult. Rachael came in around 3 weeks ago, burning pain in her legs that stopped her sleeping, low back pain, hip pain, POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and of course….chronic fatigue!

As far as clients go, oh my word, you could not ask for a better client than Rachael! She is incredibly positive, she has done everything I have asked and that’s including cold showers everyday (a huge part of CFS recovery requires cold water therapy). All in all, an absolute pleasure to work with and I can happily say that one of her biggest worries with her CFS is gone. Rachael gets married in a few months and both her and her mum have had the worry that she may not be well enough on her big day, hanging over their heads. But as said earlier, she now doesn’t have the leg pain, which means she can actually sleep and recover, her POTS has vanished (which often does once the nervous system starts working properly). We have kept a pain and fatigue diary over the last 3 weeks and have watched her fall from 8/10 on both pain and fatigue, to 0/10. Sadly, I don’t have any awesome video of Rachael going from crutches to running like I do with those with other conditions. But such is the nature of CFS, its completely invisible.

I’m normally very quite humble with success stories and I only ever update the hall of fame on the website, every now and again. But I am growing tired of reading facebook posts of people suffering, for years! with things like lower back pain, when Ive had people get rid of it themselves in 4 weeks.

I am tired of people in pain being referred for CBT therapy when it doesn’t help them. Pain science, CBT, meditation etc, it all has its place, most definitely!! I use them, but it is exactly the same as 20 years ago when it was solely the biomechanical or biomedical model being used. So watch this space because when the UK workshops are finished,  mark my words I am going to be driving some big changes!

Low back pain, costochondritis, plantar fasciitis, POTS, fibromyalgia, CFS these are all body-wide adaptations to the environment; they can’t be cured, because they need to be reversed!

So here is to Rachael, you worked incredibly hard, always had a smile on you’re face (heck, you even cheered me up a few times) and now you get the reward of being able to walk around the mall without ending up in bed the next day and you get your life back. Plus you have also set a new record by getting to 0/10 in only 3 weeks!! even im gobsmacked at that!

I’ll most definitely dance at your wedding 🙂

4 Replies to “3 week Chronic fatigue turn around!”

  1. I also experience increased pain and stiffness after I begin a regimen of walking. Seems like the best place to start for low impact strengthening but often times a day or two after walking my neck gets stiff on one side. I believe it’s due to instability in the coccyx hip area. If I knew how to stabilize that area while I strengthen the muscles I believe walking would be a good low impact starting point for me.

  2. Hmm….be interested to see some more comments however I’m presuming they have been removed because instead of being truthful and factual and scientific they are negative from people who know you can’t cure them. People make money from these stories from people who are desperate to recover. I think your info is most definitely wrong and definitely misleading perhaps deliberately? That the focus has been on bio research…weird how the focus has always been psychological which is why no one has recovered. I need you to explain to me how you stop PEM or severe lactic acid or how you stop the illness and change our DNA?

    1. Actually, I approve all comments. If there isn’t any other comments, then that’s because there isn’t any other.

      You need me to explain how to change your DNA? Why? Or even how? MECFS has nothing to do with that or lactic acid. If you had actually bothered to look at my site or any of the many othersuccess stories before running your mouth off, I’d more than likely entertain your comment. And explain the proccess. But, seeing as you just went straight to rude, I’ll do the same.

      If you turn your nose at every person who recovers, instead of actualy being objective towards your recovery,then please, expect to be in pain and fatigue for a very long time. Medical science isn’t even looking In the right direction. They still treat Fibromyalgia as a disease for Christ sake and use the Cartesian model of pain from the 1600s.

      I tried pretty much every modalitie going and was forced to create my own. But you can either be interested in recovery, or committed and it seems you are neither.

      Rach is over a year recoverd now and it’s going on nearly 10 for myself. So Please try and enjoy your day , because Rach and myself will be.

      And nowhere in that blog did I say the research had been focused on the bio, so you might actualy want to read the blog before you comment on it.

  3. Dear Fibroguy,

    I am looking for help in recovering from a “functional neurological disorder”

    Is there a way I could contact you about this I have been struggling severely for the past 9 months!

    I have looked at the problem from 10 diffrent angles but can’t “put the peices together”

    And would really love some advice!

    Best wishes

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