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Client Success Stories

Find out the stories behind the people we've helped

Client Success Stories

People who were just sick and tired, of being sick and tired.

Over the years we have had the privilege of working with some amazing clients.

You can read a selection of these client recoveries below.

Marie: Fibromyalgia

The only reason Marie even knew who were, was because she was selling her truck to the guys next door to a studio, as it was just too painful to keep getting in and out of it. Now though, she rocks up in what can only be described as a great big bloody MONSTER TRUCK! … Continue reading Marie: Fibromyalgia

Kit: FIbromyalgia

When I first met Kit she was in the grip of a big flare up. She relied on other people to help her with day-to-day activities and had tried many different treatments with no success. Kit was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and felt every time she saw a Doctor with something new it was quickly dismissed … Continue reading Kit: FIbromyalgia

Hedda – EDS

“Being sick from the age of 9, battling with pain, dislocations and subluxations on the daily. I had pain in my wrists, fingers, hips, shoulders, feet, knees – you name it. I wore braces and splinters, used crutches or a wheelchair depending on my energy levels. I tried everything the Norwegian healthcare system had to … Continue reading Hedda – EDS

Annmarie – Fibromyalgia

Annemarie’s history: “In 2007, after going through a really stressful time in my life and whilst also suffering from a severe infection, I started to feel tired all of the time. I couldn’t get through the day without napping and eventually the tiredness slowly morphed into just pure exhaustion. A little while later, whilst trying … Continue reading Annmarie – Fibromyalgia

Lisa – Fibromyalgia

After a freak accident in 2014, involving a blow to the head from a falling can of hairspray, Lisa slowly began to suffer from chronic pain, loss of movement in her neck and rapidly lost her mobility in general. Lisa eventually ended up in a wheelchair as walking was just too painful. Over 12 weeks … Continue reading Lisa – Fibromyalgia

Angela – EDS

It’s took Angela just three weeks of hard work and determination to get off her crutches, stabilise her joints, and to get pain free. Well done Angela! Angela is one of Jonny’s (Edinburgh’s Fibro guy) first Clients. I told you there was going to be some fantastic recovery stories coming out on the page, now … Continue reading Angela – EDS

Helen – Chronic pain

“I have had arthritis since I was two but it was manageable until I turned 30. Following a flare up on a holiday, I struggled to cope with inflammation in my knees and elbows and was no longer able to work as a primary school teacher. For six years, I needed daily support from my … Continue reading Helen – Chronic pain

Courtney – Chiairmalformation/Mobility

  “An MRI scan revealed an awkward fall in December 2016 triggered a brain condition called Chiari malformation – a condition in which brain tissue pushes into the spinal canal, causing acute pain and long-term neurological problems. Courtney was left wheelchair-bound and living in the family’s dining room, unable to get upstairs, after she was … Continue reading Courtney – Chiairmalformation/Mobility

Sarah – Chronic pain and fatigue

This is Sarah, she has been working hard with Jonny, our Edinburgh Fibro Guy, and has made amazing progress. What Sarah says at the end is wonderful and something we want for all our clients. When asked about her future, Sarah says ‘I’m really excited… I have a choice, and I’ve got the ability to … Continue reading Sarah – Chronic pain and fatigue

Aysun – Hypermobility (International client)

“As a child and a teenager I was quite active but when I started university I picked up smoking and quit doing Sports. Since then I felt weaker but I always put the blame on smoking. At the age of 23 I injured my back and it affected my life very seriously. I couldn’t carry … Continue reading Aysun – Hypermobility (International client)

Rach – Chiari-malformation/mobility

Rach underwent surgery for a condition known as Chari malformation around 3 years ago. Shortly afterwards she started to experience left arm pain that eventually spread to other areas of her body. Rachael soon began to develop problems with walking and eventually ended up on sticks. Things soon got worse and she became almost housebound, with two young … Continue reading Rach – Chiari-malformation/mobility

Lucy – Fibromyalgia

Every so often, someone puts into words EXACTLY how I used to feel. Lucy has not only done a fantastic job at her fibromyalgia recovery, but also at conveying her transition to a pain free life beautifully on camera. To achieve what people told you was an impossible task, is the greatest feeling of all … Continue reading Lucy – Fibromyalgia

Becky – CRPS

When former world champion kickboxer Becky Thompson had to ditch her sport after injuring her leg, her world fell apart. In so much pain, she even contemplated having her leg amputated as she faced a cocktail of medication and dozens of hospital visits in a bid to cope. On painkillers and undergoing lumbar injections, she … Continue reading Becky – CRPS

Samantha – Fibromyalgia

“Ok, I’m not too sure how to even begin thanking Adam and the team for the life-changing journey I have been on for the past 12 weeks. Long story short, in 2011 when I was just 25 and my son was only 1, I started to suffer from a load of strange symptoms which started with … Continue reading Samantha – Fibromyalgia

Debra – Fibromyalgia

After being diagnosed by one of the UK’s top rheumatologists, 51-year-old Debs spent nearly 8 years in chronic pain along with having crushing fatigue. In October 2017 she answered a post asking for a volunteer to work with me for free and we recorded Debs full recovery from fibromyalgia as a mini-documentary, which was later picked … Continue reading Debra – Fibromyalgia

Jane – Hypermobility

Jane- “1997 – The year I started my relationship with chronic pain. 2019 – The year it stopped” If you’re reading this, you’re here for the same reason I was when I came across Adam’s page. We’ve all tried physios, chiropractors, medication and countless other treatments in the search for a pain-free life. They haven’t … Continue reading Jane – Hypermobility

Cheryl – Fibromyalgia

Cheryl : “Well in these last few weeks I no longer wake up feeling as tired as I did going to bed…my job is a lot easier…the kids don’t laugh at me when I try to get up from the floor!! I can’t remember when I last had pain so bad it made me cry … Continue reading Cheryl – Fibromyalgia

Sandra – Fibromyalgia

“My body feels under attack, my knees are agony and my legs are giving way, I am now unable to do little more than a gentle walk. I would appreciate any help you could give me. I want my life back Adam” 70yr old Sandra was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 6 years ago, but here in … Continue reading Sandra – Fibromyalgia

Dianne – Fibromyalgia

“Hi, my name is Diane. I was diagnosed with Fibro 11 years ago. For three years my doctors fed me pain killers. I was in pain every day for so long, and I found it very hard to live with as it made me very bad tempered and sad. I didn’t have much of a … Continue reading Dianne – Fibromyalgia

Alex – Hypermobility and POTS

7 weeks ago Alex came into the studio in a motorised wheel chair unable to stand for more than a minute. Alex had been bed bound due to POTs (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) for 2 years. Walking was nearly impossible for him as he was constantly light headed or would pass out. One of the … Continue reading Alex – Hypermobility and POTS

Catherine – Chronic pain/fatigue

“I contracted glandular fever in 2017 after very busy and stressful time in my life. Prior to this I was very active, happy and healthy I had just recently done my first marathon and was involved in lots of sports – which I absolutely adored and was very much a huge part of my life. … Continue reading Catherine – Chronic pain/fatigue

Lauren – EDS

  It’s been 5 years since Lauren first hobbled into the studio on crutches and in lots of pain, and what a journey she has had in that time. Lauren has actually been through a program twice, as after she initially got pain free and stoped her joints from dislocating, she threw herself into enjoying … Continue reading Lauren – EDS

Nicola – Fibromyalgia

Nicola: “I can’t remember when I started suffering with headaches and fatigue but it’s definitely been most of my adult life. I was backwards and forwards to the GP for years. I was sent for CBT and advised to drink more water, exercise more and take fewer painkillers. This didn’t work so I learnt to … Continue reading Nicola – Fibromyalgia

Julie – Fibromyalgia

    Just after my 40th birthday I was bowled over by my horse and tossed in the air about 10ft . After a week or so I had excruciating pain in my lower back which then spread gradually all over my body . After numerous trips to see my GP I finally had an … Continue reading Julie – Fibromyalgia

Julia – EDS

1“It actually took quite a long time before I figured out I was hypermobile. Things started to go downhill more seriously when I was around 21 and my abdominal pain got quite severe. After multiple injections in that area over a year’s time, I finally got the surgery where they burned off my nerve endings … Continue reading Julia – EDS

Steve – Chronic pain and fatigue

“In 2008 I contracted salmonella on holiday and shortly after started experiencing excruciating pains that were not associated with any sort of injury. I became very lethargic and tired…… I thought I’d become lazy! I was always very active prior to this so this was alien to me and I turned to the NHS for … Continue reading Steve – Chronic pain and fatigue

Gill – Hypermobility and Fibromyaglia

Gill – “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t walk into things or fall over. I spent my childhood covered in bruises. I was “double-jointed” and my party trick was doing the splits and bending my fingers into odd contortions. The fatigue and chronic pain started in my teens. I had my feet x-rayed … Continue reading Gill – Hypermobility and Fibromyaglia

Alex – Chronic pain and fatigue

Alex- “I was born with a chronic stomach condition called gastroparesis, but as a child I never let my sickness stop me. Academically I was a high achiever, and I loved to spend my free time playing sports with my friends or hillwalking with my family. As I got older, I struggled more and more … Continue reading Alex – Chronic pain and fatigue

Sarah – Fibromyalgia

I awoke to an awesome message this morning Sarah “A year today I first came to the studio! Thank you so much Adam. I was in so much pain all the way there, walking with a wedge in my shoe and sitting on a wedge on one side believing this was how life would be … Continue reading Sarah – Fibromyalgia

Dawn – Chronic pain and fatigue

Dawn – “I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) after over a year of feeling pretty awful. I was exhausted all the time, any sort of physical activity made me feel tired and ill, even holding down a lively conversation in a pub was exhausting at times. I stopped going to the gym, I … Continue reading Dawn – Chronic pain and fatigue

Kelly – Fibromyalgia/Hypermobility

Kelly – “Where do I begin? I had followed The Fibro Guy for a number of years, my Mam had been diagnosed years previous and I was always looking for ways to help her. I didn’t ever think it would be to help me, then it started to creep in one symptom at a time … Continue reading Kelly – Fibromyalgia/Hypermobility

Elsyia – EDS

This is what gets me out of bed on a morning! Seeing smiles like this as people work towards goals that people say can’t be reached. I first met Elysia as part of my yearly community volunteer programme, I was looking to work with someone with long-standing mobility issues and Elysia more than met the … Continue reading Elsyia – EDS

Rebecca – Fibro/hypermobility

Rebecca- “So nearly 15 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and dealt with the crippling chronic fatigue. On a daily basis I was top to toe in pain. I wore splints on both wrists and basically felt like someone had made a voodoo doll out of me. Flare up after flare up is also … Continue reading Rebecca – Fibro/hypermobility

Faye – Fibromyalgia

Considering I’ve never met Faye before, the only contact we have had is text and email, and the fact that she has had to do this by herself, in her living room. What Faye has achieved by herself is incredible and true a testament to how dedicated, disciplined and driven she was to get better! … Continue reading Faye – Fibromyalgia

Laura – EDS

Laura: “Before I met Adam I was lost. At 23 years old being told that I should consider a career change because I had a chronic illness and had to “live with it” nearly destroyed me. I’d had four weeks off work, wasn’t getting any better and I was fed up. Worrying about how I … Continue reading Laura – EDS

Clara – Fibromyalgia

“I feel like I have gotten my life back! Before working with Adam, I was having problems with my shoulder subluxing, hypermobility and fibromyalgia. I was officially diagnosed with fibro and hypermobility a few years ago, although I really had problems from a very young age. I have been in pain a lot of my … Continue reading Clara – Fibromyalgia

Rebecca – Fibromyalgia

Rebecca: “A year ago, last October, I was experiencing pain across my body and unremitting fatigue. People at work would comment how awful I looked- I looked how I felt!! As time went on it got more and more difficult to keep on going, especially without it affecting people around me. I felt so ill … Continue reading Rebecca – Fibromyalgia

Dr Harper – Fibromyalgia

In 2017 Dr Mairi Harper entered the old studio to see me for a 1:1 workshop. Mairi was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2002 and by 2015 she was mainly wheelchair bound and unable to work. At 8am that day Mairi had struggles to lift her laptop back off the table on the train, by 5pm … Continue reading Dr Harper – Fibromyalgia

Brittany – EDS

“For the past 7 years I have suffered with a constant subluxation in my right shoulder. I couldn’t lift things up without it popping and/or moving out of place, causing pain and ultimately discomfort. When I came to see Adam he found that it was my shoulder blade that was causing problems and that my … Continue reading Brittany – EDS

Danielle – Hypermobility

Danny- “For over 2 years I had constant pain in my left knee, along with daily subluxations due to my hyper mobility (partial Dislocations). I have a 2 year old little girl I found that i wasn’t able to kneel on the floor to play with her, I couldn’t bend easily to look after her … Continue reading Danielle – Hypermobility

Sandra – Fibromyalgia

Sandra- “Well that’s my 1 to 1 sessions over, can’t believe how quickly the last 9 weeks have gone past. It was nowhere near as hard or painful as i thought it was going to be and have loved every second even the days that were tough. 5 year i was out of work, on … Continue reading Sandra – Fibromyalgia

Gill – Fibromyalgia

“In 2011 I was going back and forwards to my gp saying that my internal battery charger wasn’t working, I was exhausted all the time and was in pain with the slightest activity. The GP and physio diagnosed everything from bursitis to M E . Walking was becoming increasingly difficult and my work shifts were … Continue reading Gill – Fibromyalgia

Amanda – Fibromyalgia

“I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in the early 1990’s, after about 6 years I would have said I had recovered. I lived a busy active life until the summer of 2014 when I became poorly again. I searched for ‘the thing’ that would fix me, going to lots of doctors, therapists and alternative therapists. … Continue reading Amanda – Fibromyalgia

Heather – Fibromyalgia

“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia during my last pregnancy and hadn’t found anything during the 5 years that have passed that would help ease my pain and chronic fatigue so I could function “normally”. I went from working 70+ hours a week, while also running a children’s charity in my spare time as well as … Continue reading Heather – Fibromyalgia

Dianne – Fibromyalgia

After struggling on crutches/wheelchairs and mobility scooters for almost 5 years (scooters were fun, I have no spatial awareness and many toes were run over) on 23rd May 2016, I finally got a diagnosis of joint hypermobility syndrome with a side order of fibromyalgia. nothing can be done said the NHS, keep taking the (many) … Continue reading Dianne – Fibromyalgia

Jill – Fibromyalgia

“When I think of Adam, I think “life saver”. Might sound corny but it’s true. I’ve suffered with Fibromyalgia for 6 yrs now. Diagnosed this year and told “I have to live with it”. I found Adam through a former client of his and gone from not knowing what day it is, chronic fatigue, constant … Continue reading Jill – Fibromyalgia

Bella – Chronic pain

At 72yrs old Bella is definitely one of my oldest clients. Bella was a little shy so I have changed her name and blurred her face out so she cant be identified. Bella is actually the mother of one of my other clients, and with a knee replacement and both sides of her hips replaced, … Continue reading Bella – Chronic pain

Gayleen – Fibromyalgia

“I’m a 46 year old woman. Before I started working with Adam I had suffered from severe lower back pain for about 15 years. I was living on prescription painkillers. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 36. My body would ache from head to foot, particularly my hips, knees, and elbows. I … Continue reading Gayleen – Fibromyalgia

Bev – Fibromyalgia

Bev – When I first met Adam I was suffering from chronic lower back pain which was affecting my life in so many ways. I had to leave a job I loved when I was on the brink of promotion. Found myself withdrawing from social situations as the pain drained all of my energy. I … Continue reading Bev – Fibromyalgia

Emma – Fibromyalgia

“Back in March 2015, I started with an awful pain in my shoulder/arm which would get worse over the years to the point so many simple tasks were unbearable due to the pain. As the years moved on, I had many appointments with specialists being passed around, told I was a mystery. I was finally … Continue reading Emma – Fibromyalgia

Jonny – Fibromyalgia

Jonny is an Ex client of Adams who knows first hand all about recovery. Back in 2012, Jonny initially experienced pain in his wrists, first starting in his right arm, and then spreading to his left. Jonny was working a retail job which required a lot of use of his hands, as well as studying … Continue reading Jonny – Fibromyalgia

Gabby – EDS

“I have had back and neck pain for about 5-6 years and more recently pain in my legs which was gradually getting worse and unfortunately caused me to give up exercising altogether. I have spent a fortune on chiropractors, physiotherapists etc. over the years, which have made no real difference and left me feeling hopeless. … Continue reading Gabby – EDS

Richard – Fibromyalgia

Richard came up to Newcastle for a workshop in January and he has been one of the best people to work with remotely. Richard has literally text every day and I’m really happy with how things are progressing! “My name is Richard Lawrence (Age 66) and for the past two years, I have been suffering … Continue reading Richard – Fibromyalgia

Carly – EDS

I have just finished my 4th week with Adam. I’m 35, severely hypermobile (Beighton score 9/9) and was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3, ten years ago. Since then I have suffered widespread chronic joint and muscle pain, particularly in my legs, back and neck. I also suffer chronic, almost daily migraines. I was … Continue reading Carly – EDS

Mandy – Chronic back pain

In Mandy’s first message to me, she told me she was pretty much bedridden at the time and hoped that the huge flare would be over soon. Mandy told me she had always had an ache in her back since being around 19yrs old and in 2009 she felt a shock of pain in her … Continue reading Mandy – Chronic back pain

Bev – Chronic pain

Bev: “Cutting a long story short, after a long but great recovery from Guillain-Barré syndrome 15 years Ago, I ended up going down a downward spiral again to which I was referred to immunology with the suspicion of another auto immune disorder. I ended up with pain, fatigue and weakness amongst a lot of other … Continue reading Bev – Chronic pain

Jess – Hypermobility

As a young child, Jess was diagnosed with various things wrong with her knees and suffered constant back pain problems due to hypermobility. At age 11 a specialist told her that she would have chronic back pain for the rest of my life. In her late 20s, the fatigue really took a grip and she … Continue reading Jess – Hypermobility

Sam – Fibromyalgia

“Before I met Adam I was lost. At 23 years old being told that I should consider a career change because I had a chronic illness and had to “live with it” nearly destroyed me. I’d had four weeks off work, wasn’t getting any better and I was fed up. Worrying about how I was … Continue reading Sam – Fibromyalgia

Steph – Chronic pain and fatigue

“I was recommended to Adam by a reflexologist I had visited and after looking at his blog and success stories, I felt this was the answer that I had been waiting years for. I first fell ill seven years ago where I developed crippling fatigue, migraines, sore throats, brain fog and a lot of pain … Continue reading Steph – Chronic pain and fatigue

Beth – EDS

Beth: “A few months ago, I felt I was trapped in the body of an 80 year old – fast forward sessions with Adam, enough swearing to turn the air blue, a little bit of whining and a lot of hard work and I finally feel like a 20 year old again.  I’ve gone from … Continue reading Beth – EDS

Wendy – Fibromyalgia

Hi I’m Wendy, Ive have had chronic pelvic pain, migraines and fatigue for many years and last year ended up in the hospital for weeks only to be told keep taking the painkillers because that’s the only help for fibromyalgia. I quickly got to the point that tramadol and oramorph were not helping. My husband … Continue reading Wendy – Fibromyalgia

Laura – Hypermobility

“I’m struggling to write this as I’m not sure how to put into words how truly grateful I am for Adams guidance and support over the last few months, but here goes! About a year and a half ago i started to get really heavy and tired legs, I’m a chef so I’m often on … Continue reading Laura – Hypermobility

Nadia – Hypermobility

Nadia Mum, Nicola: “8 weeks ago, I cried as I purchased a wheelchair for my 13 year old daughter. She had gone from doing every sport under the sun, to being in constant pain and unable to climb the stairs to get to bed. We found out she had EDS and that her lax joints would … Continue reading Nadia – Hypermobility

Steph – Chronic pain and fatigue

So, as most of you know ive been poorly for quite a few years with ME & POTS and had other problems along the way. My life completely changed in more ways than 1, i was left pretty much housebound and a lot of the time spent days even weeks at a time in bed. … Continue reading Steph – Chronic pain and fatigue

Nikki – Fibromyalgia

It is incredibly rare you will ever hear me say this word, but this woman below, is a fucking “warrior”. Nikki travelled 350 miles from Poole every week, and I mean every single week to see Hedda at the Newcastle Studio. Nikki’s initial email had a history and symptom list longer than my wife’s uni … Continue reading Nikki – Fibromyalgia

Eve – Fibromyalgia

“After 10 years of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, I finally felt able to reach out to Adam. Previously I was in a wheelchair and then got myself onto a stick but from there, I had no idea where to go. Adam fixed that for me! He taught me that my body is strong, I am … Continue reading Eve – Fibromyalgia

Lolly – EDS/Fibromyalgia

“I first met Adam 10 weeks ago, after deciding I was going to be 50 soon and was sick of feeling old and decrepit. I have always been hypermobile and quite strong too, but after a few major surgeries and another traumatic event, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Like many people I was told, to do this … Continue reading Lolly – EDS/Fibromyalgia

Greg – Fibromyalgia

“Roughly 6 years ago I started getting pain in my shoulders and elbows, I suffered on with the pains, just by using medication and then in 2017 I was in a house fire and suffered months of stress. The pain started to spread through my body, until recently I wasn’t aware that trauma was a … Continue reading Greg – Fibromyalgia

Andrea – Fibromyalgia (International client)

“I started following Adam a couple years ago and honestly didn’t understand how he was helping so many people. But after 23 years of pain and fatigue, the right circumstances arrived and I booked a flight from Nashville, Tennessee USA to Newcastle. Call it a leap of faith, a leap without looking, either way it … Continue reading Andrea – Fibromyalgia (International client)

Neil – Chronic back pain

Every year we are seeing more and more guys coming into the studio, and it makes me so happy to see certain social influences that would have in the past stopped them coming in, slowly diminish. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Neil, he’s a top guy, and it’s great to see playing golf … Continue reading Neil – Chronic back pain

Maureen – FND/Fibromyalgia

This year has brought me some awesome new clients and one such client is Mo! A few weeks ago Mo had attended a local Fibromyalgia support group and had been disappointed in the lack of positive action for recovery, as she felt Fibro was just a label (that’s ma girl!) and this is what kick-started … Continue reading Maureen – FND/Fibromyalgia

Carl: EDS

When Carl first came into the studio, he was unable to even stretch out his upper body, not to mention him not being able to walk without pain. He also took the bus to get to the studio and not being able to step up into the bus, without asking for the disability steps was … Continue reading Carl: EDS

Kriss – EDS


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